Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today Was Very .....

I went to  a meeting this morning and then picked up Barb. 
Headed over the the Sheriff's Dept. to  return the old signs and pick up the new ones. What a difference the others were very old according to the people in the office. 

Then we headed to Sears for my dream come true.

From there we headed to Lamp Post Theater (or something like that) so Barb could pick up all the tickets for the comedy play a group is going too. Right around the corner is a 50's dinner and we stopped for lunch. The waitresses actual wear uniforms, there are 45's hanging on the walls and old coke and Pepsi signs and other nostalgic things. It is a fun place.

As we left and got in the truck my phone rang and it was the office calling to tell me they needed to shut off all the water in the park. I asked when and the answer was soon. I was clear on the other side of town and about 25 miles away. I was still needing to make another stop but we headed home so I could start calling the residents. By time I made it back the water was already off. I still proceeded to make calls. The water was off for about 5hrs. I told most to make sure to keep lots of extra water on hand at all times. I guess when your a camper you just learn to do that.  It is important for all people to keep extra water on hand. You just never know if something will go wrong in your area and water will not be available.

I know I promised that recipe but things have been going on and I have had other things to pass on. Like below

I finally did it. Tomorrow or Thur. my friend will come and give me some lessons on how to operate this gem.

Good Night All


  1. Congratulations on your new camera, you got a good one. I've got two Canon's myself.

  2. I would say that is quite prize you have! Hooray for you. I have to stick with the point and shoot and even then things come out "ify".

  3. Nice camera!!!! Enjoy! :)

  4. Enjoy your Rebel. I sure like mine. :)

  5. Good morning John,

    My friend is coming today to give me lessons I can't wait. I also now have 2 Canon's love them.

    Hello JMD,

    Thank you. A very long time ago when I wanted to learn some photography and guy told me don't over look the scene find what or shoot quickly at what you see.

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you.

    Hello Judy,

    I can't wait to get good at this. I do well with the Power Shot SX110 but wanted to do more. Like catch birds in flight and so forth.

    Hello Nomad,

    Thank you

  6. Congrats on the new camera!!! I'm still learning how to use the Canon I bought. Keep the booklet handy for a while you'll do great!

  7. oooooooh ahhhhhhaaaahhhhh nice!!!! cant wait to see some shots

  8. Hello Sondra,

    Yes keeping the book very handy. My friend Tom came by today to give me a quick lesson. As I move on and need help he is a phone call away.

    Hi Lucy,

    I ran around some today. LOL