Friday, April 18, 2014

Very Cloudy But A Wonderful Day

Had heavy cloud cover today but not a drop of rain. Had coffee on the porch it was wonderful. Filled the bird feeder and watched them flock in. Also freshened the hummer feeder. I have only see the male that had been hear all winter. I don't know if I am just missing his mate or he doesn't have one.

Last week I had bought a new bird feeder but all the seed just fell out onto the ground because the slit was way to big. I had some really heavy duty card board so I fashioned a stopper of sorts and it worked. I hung it back up today with only about 3/4 of seed to make sure. 

I figured since it was so nice and cool I should go through the camping stuff to see of I could eliminate that tote. Yes I sure did. I just took the coffee pot out and put it in a box along with some cans of bug spray and batteries. It fit nice a snug between the wheel well and another container. I checked the food supplies I have been buying that will not go bad. Tuna, salmon, can of chicken and foil pks. of rice and potatoes. I won't be using these for this trip as I will be close enough to stores to purchase ice when needed so I will bring salads and fish to cook on the stove. When I get up the mountain in early June, I will buy some canned  veggies. I don't want to do it before as I want to keep the weight down to save on gas. 

I also tried out my 2 step stool and it will work and that will eliminate the 3 step ladder which is really heavy and bulky.

Next Sunday I will pull out for Madera for a week.

After getting everything organized and put away I went back to the porch to see who might be flying around the feeders.

Some pale pink snap dragons showed the heads this morning.

Curved Bill Thrasher and the new and improved bird feeder.

 Female Sparrow
 Another shot of the pale pink snap dragon

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like a little spring cleaning on the trucks cargo.

  2. Good morning John,

    Yes just had to scale down or no ice chest was going in.

  3. Morning Jo They may even sell ice up in the canyon at one of them fancy places? Have fun up there!

  4. Looks like a beautiful spring. Great idea using the cardboard in the bird feeder.

  5. Well, you are busy, as always. I just got my computer back, yesterday—water and computers don’t mix. Fortunately, with AppleCare-no cost, now.

    I’d love to feed the birds, but there’s a cute cat that lives next door. It’s an outdoor cat, friendly as ever, but I worry about coyotes getting it. I see it catching mice, etc.

    As to the question you left on my blog. No, I’m not selling truck or trailer. Another blogger is trying to decide what kind of trailer he is going to buy so I put up a couple of pictures for him to look at.

    Jack is having some problems with his back legs. He’s not in pain, but they are getting weak, and his blood test showed high levels of creatinine; not uncommon in older dogs but a worry. Hope Fred is doing well. Glad to see you are traveling and enjoying life. I can’t even begin to catch up on blog reading—little by little. Enjoy your trip “up” the mountain. :)

  6. Hi Nomad,

    Yes you can buy ice at the Santa Rita Lodge store. Bet it costs about $3. a bag. lol

    I know I'll enjoy it as long as the bears stay up the hill.

    Hello Sharon,

    Seems to be working for now. But those bigger guys and pecking away at it looking around for maybe some heavy plastic or thin plexi glass.

    Hi Nancy,

    Oh No water in the computer is bad any liquid is bad. Sure happy it was fixable.

    I may have to stop feeding the birds now. We have some very large hawks circling, a bobcat lurking about and a roadrunner on the wall the other day. I'm wondering if he managed to get the baby birds in the bird house. It has been very quiet there. But I keep telling myself its all part of nature and the circle of life. But it's still sad. A few springs ago I had a quail's nest in a fern on my porch and just about the time for hatching a feral cat killed the momma. I caught that nasty thing and turned him in. It was doing lots of damage to my porch by spraying his nasty pee everywhere, not only my place but others homes too.

    Sure glad you not selling your rig I still hope to meet up with you someday.

    Poor ole Jack. Seems father time is catching up with him. Just so happy he isn't in any pain. Fred is doing great and lying here on the floor like he worked hard all day or something. He acted like he wanted out this morning so I went to the door and he ran out and plopped on the steps in the sun. Maybe I should buy him a speedo. lol

  7. Loved seeing all the birdie shots....Getting about time for a camping run isn't it?

  8. Hello Karen,

    Thanks glad you enjoyed them.

    Yes leaving next week for a week to see how everything works. I'm excited for sure