Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Problems

First thing this morning I get a call from a resident, someone broke into their shed and stole his bike and some tools. They called the Sheriff and I started calling people on the Neighborhood watch team to spread the word to make sure they keep things locked up and not think all is well. A few hours later another call someone had a compressor stolen from their shed. So once again put a call in to the Deputy center for added nightly patrols. 

Went to crochet class today to get out and see other people. It's nice to have this group going on every Wed. breaks up the week.

Other than that it was some reading and not moving much to stay cool.

Good Night All


  1. That is a real shame to have to worry about theft and vandalism. I'll never understand their motivation.

  2. Really riles me up when people steal from others. Last year someone stole our large bird feeder out front so now we feed the birds in the backyard. Be nice if they would just get a job and buy what they want instead of stealing.

    Hey, a crochet class. How nice, where did you find that? I would love something like that, all they have is a bunch of exercise classes for us oldies and I am not in the mood for that!

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    You wonder what kind of monsters are being raised today. You try not to blame the parents all the time. As one of the monsters was caught by his own father who is a Deputy here. Sad very sad.

    Hi JMD,

    Your bird feeder! They think of stealing as a job and think they will never get caught.. But we get out backs up over this and we will start a nasty bit of stuff for these monsters once again.

    Since I live in a 55 + park we have lots of activities, ceramic, cards, pool tables, exercise stuff, crochet classes and it's all free, just bring your own ceramics or yarn,. We used to have pool exercise class too but the teacher gave it up. Others still do them on their own.

  4. What a shame there are such low lives--seems like everywhere, today. The newest thing around here is steal ing purses from cars when you get out to pump gas. Take your purse with you--they wait until you are at the pump, reach in to get your bag and you're not even aware (because we generally leave the driver side door open while pumping.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I read about this some time ago. I have always locked my doors when I get out to pump gas. The article said they usually go for the passenger door but if its locked they will try to distract you to get it from the drivers side. I could almost understand that if there was a job shortage and they had no way to make money but I see help wanted signs everywhere but I have been told how wants that job. Really what job do they have now? We must pay more attention to what is around us these days. so many creeps out there

  6. rat bastards one and all ... you hear about the moron that broke into a guy's apartment ... stole some stuff then logged on to Facebook to check his account and didn't log off! ~ love dumb rat bastards...

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    No but there are way to many crazy's out there. Crack smokin idiots and will steal anything from anyone for drugs