Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good Day

While it was still cool out this morning I emptied stuff out of the camper.  I still will need one of my kids to come help put the risers on the bed. And then I needed to make room for Rick to work.

It started to get a little warm so called it quits and came in to read for a while.

I called my friend Rose to see what she was up too. Said come over and see what her sister sent her and we also make plans to go do some second hand stores.  Rose's, sister, sent her some beautiful pottery mugs that are very unusual. The handles are not the usual these are slits but deep enough to fit your fingers into. Very different hope to see some at the craft shows this fall.

We headed out to an antique store we usually just drive right by. Of course it was closed. But we found a phone # and called. The man answered and was up north and said he will be back and opened on Tues.

We were on our way home when I remembered I needed gas so off to the gas pump we went. Once I had gas we went on to find other places to play. We went to some stores I knew would be open and strolled around them. Rose found some great items and I was heading back to one I spotted at the first walk around. Just as I went for it I spotted this. Yes it came home with me. 

 Then we headed to lunch at one of our favorite places in the winter.
I usually order a salad there but they always had the best Ruben's. This was not the way I remember them. The meat was like rubber and was cut to thick and stringy. Won't order that again.

So it was a good day and I am happy.

Good Night All


  1. Both of us did have a really good day. I have put off getting ready for a 2-day camping trip and only have tomorrow to get everything in order. Why do I do that?

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't know why but I do it too. Then always worry about if I brought everything I was supposed too. I know keep a list on my computer that I can print out and check off things as I pack and I still manage to forget some things.

  3. Another full day of shopping accomplished, too bad it ended on a bad Ruben.

  4. Good Morning John,

    Yes it was a fun day and really to bad about Ruben.

  5. U are from Jersey right? Did you ever make it to Katz deli in NYC in SoHo? the best deli food in the world the corned beef would melt in your mouth and it was so thin almost transparent but they piled it high!! OH and the Kosher pickles omg-- awesome.. Before I gave up meat I used to eat there.
    I love the native artsy piece you bought how big is it?

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Nope was much a a NYC person. But we had the Pastrami House on RT 46 can't remember the town Lodi or Garfield They had corned beef like that too and OH the pastrami. Also the Kosher pickles boy its been 40yrs and I can still taste it all..

    I think the Kachina is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2. I love it too.