Sunday, July 13, 2014

Got Rain?

Went to have breakfast with my daughter Tracy this morning. Then off to PetSmart to get Fred a name tag. Tracy ran to Office Max for some supplies.

We came back here to do some on line stuff. Hung here for a time then went back out to the Dollar Tree. Picked up a few things and bought Fred a toy that he tore up really quick to take out the squeaker.

After taking Tracy home it was time to close up the house and cool off. I started reading and feel asleep for about 15 min. I woke up to thunder so I took Fred out right away. It didn't look all that nasty out.  After half hour it really started to thunder and lightening and then came the rain.

Rain running off the awning
Pooling at the curb

Rain falling onto the rock in my front yard
 And then the sky afterward
 Then after the black sky this
I have more but figured this was enough. It is again thundering and lightening with more rain.

Was even able to open the windows and turn off the ac for a bit. But now it is hot and really humid again.

Good Night All


  1. I love the sound of rain on the RV. Just don't like to get caught in it.

    1. I have awnings and it makes that same sound. No don't like being caught out in it.

  2. nice pics. it rained up here all night, not too humid yet. first thing in morn it is real cool out.

    1. Hi Lucy,

      It is nice out here this morning all the windows and the door are open, using fans to move the air around. I am going to text you in a bit. found a solution for the battery can't believe none of us thought about this. It was certainly a DAH! moment.

  3. I know you are enjoying that rain...its muggy here they predicted rain for our weekend away but it never happened there so that was good!

    1. So happy your weekend wasn't ruined. Yes muggy here to but at least we got the rain we needed so bad..

  4. Hi Jo, you were asking if Jewelweeds were sold at the health store. I really don't know but they grow mostly in damp shady areas or along the tree line. If you look it up on Google you might recognize the weed. You just pull the weed and split the stem open with your nail and rub the sap on the skin. It has a cooling effect and the sap also neutralize the poison ivy or poison oak irritant oil.

    Wow, that looks like quite a down-poor. Hope it stopped raining and that you have a lovely week.

    1. Hi Julia,

      I'll look it up we don't seem to have any the poison stuff here or maybe I just didn't ever get into any. I was more or less asking for Stephanie poor kid. Thanks for the info I am going to look it up. Thanks for coming to my blog.
      Yes we sure did get a down pour here we needed rain really bad hadn't had any in months.