Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not Much

Not much around here another hot day another day waiting for some one to show up and then not once again. Quite annoying. 

Stripped the bed all the way. Washed the mattress pad and the pillow tick covers. 

Framed more of my pictures and hung them on the walls which meant moving some things up or down. 

It's hard to keep busy sometimes.

A trip through Holbrook

Petrified Tree

Homolovi, Place of the little hills.

Good Night All


  1. I think it's time for you to plan another adventure to escape from the heat.

  2. I agree.... a trip is just the antidote for summer heat!!

  3. Good morning John,

    I wish this guy would hurry up and give me a price for the work on the camper and a date to start. So I can plan something.

    Hi Karen,

    I would love to get out of here believe me.

  4. You are a lot younger and more energetic than I am if you worry about it being hard to keep busy! I put off being busy as long as I can.

  5. Mercy Jo, package up some of that ambition and send it to me!

    Out of sheer desperation I went to the grocery store this morning and got home before 9:30 just as it was getting hot.

    Have you heard of the Sitgreaves fire? Now we have some from that through the Verde Valley. Sigh.

  6. make that smoke from the fire.

  7. Hello Gypsy,

    Don't worry I do plenty of sitting around. But just have to do something every now and then.

  8. HI JMD,

    We seem to have fire everywhere. There is one burning on the eastern portion of Tucson in the Rincon Mountains. Maybe that is what I saw the other morning when it was so ugly out and it looked like fog but I knew it wasn't. We don't get the smell on this side which is west. Not enough rain

    I went out this morning for my Sunday breakfast with my youngest daughter and to do a little shopping . But it just was getting to hot to continue so we called it a day. But had a nice visit.

  9. I'm intrigued by the petrified tree. I've read about them, but am going to check them out on Wikipedia for more info.

    Hope tomorrow is more enjoyable for you!

  10. They say they are protected from people picking them over but they are sold all along the road side stores. I have more pictures of them some are polished and look so beautiful.