Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Road Trip

Set off today for Florence to have lunch with a new member of the camping group I belong to. Just as Terry, and I, were leaving my place the rain started coming down. But we, went on. It pour down pretty hard in some places but as we left Tucson, we drove out of it. It rained a few times on the way into Florence but nothing like we left behind. 
It was a really nice lunch and we talked about where we all came from. Then on to places we've been and places we want to go. We talked for almost 2 hrs.

We had lunch in The Fudge Shop, and none of us had any fudge. Lots of restoration going on in the town and we plan on going back next month.

Florence Hotel

I didn't walk far enough for the name of this building to show up. That's me.

These pictures show the changes to this building over the years

The brick wall  is an elevator that was added in the renovation 

There are some shops up these stairs.

 The clock doesn't seem to work anymore

I should learn to gather information before I post these places.

Good Night All


  1. Looks like a nice historic town. I was surprised that you made it through the Fudge Shop without just a taste.

  2. Good morning John,

    Me too and the case was right there in your face when ordering your lunch.

  3. A bag to go might be nice! looks like an interesting place to do some more exploring!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Yes I want to go an spend more time there. I've been there before but it was always a fast trip through town with very little exploring