Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Running Day

I had a Dr. apt. on the other side of town at 9 am. I left here at 8 am. The traffic was horrible and I forgot the kids are back in school. And this town is constantly doing road construction. So why are the roads such a mess?. I finally got through the mess and then got in the wrong lane. Was wondering why the guy in front of me had on his left turn signal when I realized I was in a turning lane only. 8(P. So I had to flip a u turn and head back. ( I need to get out more) Of course I had no idea what side of the street this place was on but finally was able to see the street numbers and  to get in the right lane. I made it with 10 min. to spare. Of course the wait there was about 45 min.

Everyone there was super friendly and even the Dermatologist had a great sense of humor. The mole that concerned me was OK but he didn't like the looks of the one on my temple so he removed it and I was on my way. I met my daughter Debbie for brunch since I hadn't had anything in the morning and it was close to her job. We had a nice visit.

But as we ate we watched the clouds building over the Catalina Mountains. I sure didn't want to get caught on that side of town where it floods so bad.  

I also remembered there should have been a prescription called in Sat. and they never got the call. But their phones had been down so I think it just didn't get to Walgreen's. A call to the Dr. to let them know and they said they would call again.

I got back to my own turf and I was happy. 10 min. later Walgreen's called and it was ready. Did you ever notice how that happens when you finally get home something needs to be picked up?

Off I went again and figured I would stop at the grocery store so I wouldn't have to rush out tomorrow for the things I needed to make lunch for company tomorrow.

This is going to be one busy week and I guess I should be happy to be getting out an about and having things to do.

Now to relax and read some blogs.

BTW, I thought I would post some pictures of the mountains I should yesterday.

I wanted to show how far off those mountains are. Of course this was taken from my porch

The following pictures are also taken from the porch with the zoom open to 50

Good Night All


  1. Aaaah, one of THOSE traffic days. Poor thing. Hate that. No rain today and pleasant weather, didn't even have to turn on the air. Perfect!

  2. I think you need to write yourself a check for mileage for todays travels. I'll see the dermatologist Friday, then we'll have to compare notes.

  3. way to go Jo glad the dr visit was a good one. it was cold nasty and wet here today, and it raining out now again. going to be cold in the morn. Nice to have you on the mend, keep up the the good work.

  4. I envy your energy! And don't you love playing with the camera's zoom? I do!

  5. Hi JMD,

    I really don't like driving in traffic at all. I just don't like big cities either. But one must do what one must..did run the a/c much yesterday.

    Good Morning John,

    Hope all goes well at your visit Friday. Yes we will compare notes. I sure did rack up some miles.

    Hi Lucy,

    Yes it was nice to have a fun Dr. for a change. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it up the mountain after all. The weather just hasn't be great in either place. I wouldn't mind the cold but the damp and so much rain would have been a challenge.

    Hi Sharon,

    Don't envy my energy it's at an all time low. lol I really have so much more to figure out on the camera, but it's been fun wish I could get out more to really try it out.

  6. So wish I had gotten the 50X zoom. It really pulls it in to close up!! Hope the tests are all nothing to worry about!

  7. You were a busy lady today!! Ive been having to deal with a commute this week and last week...sitting with my X while he is in the hospital Finally after 11 days with NO food they started feeding him!!
    The interstate has a 3 rd lane now so its easier to make the 45 min drive!

  8. Hi Karen,

    I love the camera and I really need to use the tripod as I can't seem to keep the camera steady enough. I'm still learning about more features. I am really happy with this camera.

    I think my test will be just fine and can't wait for all this to be over. Thank you for your well wishes.

    Hi Sondra,

    11 Days! my word lets not rush anything. At least the interstate is making the drive more tolerable. Hand in there.