Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guess We Are In For It

This morning it was really humid and was raining on first outs this morning. 

I opened up the house and ran fans as it was cool enough even though it was humid.

I stopped at the club house this morning at coffee Klatch time to make sure there wasn't a meeting. There wasn't so I moved on to the bank and headed home. Don't like driving in rain. It rained on an off most of the day.

In the news tonight they really were getting into this big storm. In Marana, they were filling sand bags for people to pick up for free. Warnings were big and telling people to get ready as the ground can't hold much more water. If it is slow and steady it may be OK but they are seeing huge down pours in the forecast for tomorrow and Thurs. They showed pictures of last weeks storms and all the stupid people driving in the floods and of course getting stuck. I know I mentioned this a few times already on this blog.   A women and her child drowned last week when they drove into a wash. No one ever listens to these warnings. They don't expect this to hit until around 11 am tomorrow.

So I will head out to Walmart for just a few items, if it has already started to rain I will just got to Family Dollar and Safeway and get home. They want people to have plenty of drinking water and flash lights or candles on hand. For me that is never a problem.

Today the temps only reached about 86 and I didn't even turn on the a/c until around 4:30 pm when the humidity really started to climb. I hear NM will also get hit pretty hard with this rain from Odile which is now called a Tropical Storm but packing high winds and lots of rain. 

For my readers in low lying places here and NM please be careful. They are asking all those who do not need to be on the roads to stay home. 

I think this is the biggest storm to hit here since about 1982.

Good Night All 


  1. I wondered how you were doing. It wasn't killer hot but really humid. We had hideous black skies surrounding us but it moved on and we had no rain. I suspect tomorrow will be a different story. Stay dry and safe.

  2. Hard to fix stupid, warning after warning about driving into water seems to fall on deaf ears. Last week when we had all the rains here people were driving around police cars and cones to get on flooded roads.

  3. Hoping any rain is the slow and gentle kind. Stay dry and safe!

  4. Yeah, there are stupid people. All our weathermen say, turn around, don't drown, but there are still ones that don't.
    I'm watching all the reports about this storm, we're gonna get some too, here in central TX.

  5. It must be a big storm, and it is hard to believe it's in your area of the country. You hear about storms like that in the southeast a lot more than in the southwest. Take care and hunker down!

  6. Hi JMD,

    I was concerned for you also. Stay safe it has already started here but just a drizzle right now.

    Good morning John,

    Nope you just can't fix stupid. One idiot in a camaro drove right onto a flooded street only of course to get stuck and need to be rescued, laugh like the idiot he is. Lets see how hard he laughs when he gets hit with a $10,000. fine and $5,000 rescue fee. I wonder if his insurance will cover his car .

    Hi Karen,

    I live on pretty high ground here so thinking we are fine but can never take anything for granted.

    Hi Trouble,

    This is a wide spread storm. They keep posting that same thing here all day on the bottom of the screen and at commercial time too. Be safe

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    We don't get them often like this. It came up from Mexico way. Started off bad and then ended as a Tropical Storm packed with rain and humidity, some of CA. is getting hit too

  8. we had one dilly of a strom here last night..it rained so hard I got scared...the dogs were terrified too..the thunder shook the house!! Stay safe and I really hope you Don't get it bad--

  9. Hi Sondra,

    I think you had it worse than I did. But the night isn't over yet.