Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not As Bad

I stayed in bed a little longer so I wouldn't be so tempted to drink anything. I got Fred out and came in and read  the comments here and then headed into the shower.  I knew I was going to be gone long past Fred's food time so I gave him a half cup of his food and left the house.

I signed in right on time and was called quite fast and then a short wait to get started. They also said they needed to do a stomach x ray. I was not told about this so I have no idea why this was ordered. They asked how often do I have stomach pain I said never. I am going to have a talk with my Dr about these test they are not cheap and I will have to pay what the insurance does not. I know he likes to make sure everything is working well but if I don't have a complaint then  why.

Anyway they are very good there and very friendly and will keep a conversation going to keep your mind off what is going on and to make the time pass faster. I was out of there and home by 9:15am and started the coffee and feed Fred the rest of his food and made me an omelet. Played a few games of spider while I ate and enjoyed my coffee. 

I did manage to start loading the camper today but I waited to long to get out there and it was a little to warm. Things did fit better with the risers on the bed. I want to re arrange to have more of the heavier items on the right side as the bed is on the left. I'll get back at it tomorrow morning after my coffee and breakfast.

Good Night All


  1. I hear you. I had a Dr. in Oregon that would order every test in the world. Finally I had enough and changed. Geesh, all I did was testing, constantly.

    Went grocery shopping....bleh. Expensive in spite of my best efforts.

  2. I see Verizon is at it again and maybe blogger too.

    Hi JMD,

    I understand he wants to make sure I'm in good health but if I don't have a problem then why all these test that are expensive and part will come out of my pocket. We will have to have a talk about this.

    Yes grocery shopping is always such a joy NOT! and boy do I have a big list this week UCK