Friday, November 28, 2014


It dawned quite cold this morning and then warmed up pretty good.

I hooked the hose back up and did some watering. Plants looked sad since it warmed up again. Watered the house plants too. 

I was looking on Amazon for a book that was recommended by someone and noticed I had some things in the shopping cart. One was the extension cord for the deep cycle battery and the other was for one of those pop open privacy tents. It was listed at 34.94 I didn't want it and remembered I tried to delete it before and it wouldn't go.  I really wanted that extension so I kept messing with it and finally was able to cancel it out. I didn't know I was on a trial Prime thing so the shipping was free. I looked into the Prime and found it would cost $99. for a year so I didn't sign up for it. I didn't order the book because it cost a bit to much. I'll wait awhile I figured it will come down soon or at least someday.

 I backed the truck into the carport so I could start to put the shelf in. I tried a few different ways but none was stable enough. I just sat there staring at it and thinking what else I might have in the shed to work with. I had just taken a small thin board off of a piece of bead board, well hell why not give it a try. So off to the shed again for about the 8th time and brought it out. I placed it in front of the shelf and marked where to cut it down. Back to the shed and made my cut. It ain't pretty but it worked and the shelf is sturdy and will stay in place. FINALLY DONE that will give me a place to put something while the camper is in use. Before I couldn't even put my shoes there, they would just roll off. Now if the weather is bad and I have to sit in there to make coffee I'll have a place to put the cup and the heating element for hot water. More usable space is good and it really didn't take up any room since the wheel well is there to stay. :) I need to look in the shed to see if I have another small piece so I can add it to the other end as this piece was to short to go all the way. I'm pretty sure there is another piece. And this helps get rid of scraps too. Sure glad I had that left over carpet too so I could Dr up the end of the wheel well that wasn't looking to neat

I was looking at the weather for an up coming trip and the only time would be the week of the 7th as the weather is going to get pretty nasty for the remainder of the month. I'm talking low 50's.
If I'm going to get out for awhile it has to be that week.

Good Night All


  1. Today, black Friday is 30% off on one book, you just type Holiday 30 for the code and it subtract it. :-D

  2. Checkout my blog post today. Amazon has 30% off - one book - for a few days, til the 30th - code: holiday30

  3. Good job its now functional which is the most important thing! I would love to get in a winter trip to someplace!

  4. Hi JMD , Teri,

    Thank you.

    Hi Sondra,

    I'll put some paint on the raw edge today so it looks a little better and hunt in the shed for another piece of that wood. But yes it is functional. I might take one when I get my screen house. I will wrap it in heavy duty clear plastic and then can run a heater in there it will stay nice and cozy.

  5. Just to let JMD and Teri, the code does not apply to kindle books. :(

  6. The shelf looks terrific - great idea and so functional. I like the idea of a good place to set a cup of coffee because I've knocked over way too many cups of it over the years.

    I'm not a fan of Amazon, because it takes jobs away from local businesses, so I only use it to order a hard-to-find book once in a while. I mostly order a good used copy, which often costs less than the postage!

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    thanks I think this shelf will come in handy.

    I have a kindle so I order my books from Amazon and there isn't any shipping cost for those books. I do find that Walmart had many items cheaper but with this new judgement by some stinking thing Walmart's prices now are just as high as Amazon. But I can get free shipping from Walmart when they send it to my neighborhood store.