Friday, November 21, 2014

Nice Outing

Very cloudy day but we had a nice outing anyway.  Barb picked us up at 10:30 and off we went to Cracker Barrel. I did really well not buying lots of stuff. Picked up a B-day card and 3 ornaments and got one free.

The lunch was really good as always. Had a Rubin and clam chowder.  

On the way home we stopped at Michael's and I picked up the orange yarn. I made 2 more hats today and have started on another. I found the patches for the hats on Amazon, why didn't I look there in the first place. 

Good Night All


  1. After I mentioned Cracker Barrel a couple of weeks ago and after your reply to my post I figured it wouldn't be long until you made the trip. Happy tummy.

  2. I've never had the urge to learn to crochet or knit, but I always wanted to learn to quilt. I'm reading a book series about it now - fiction - but I'm getting more and more interested. The thing is i'm probably too old to take anything up like that.

  3. Jo, I have never been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I have no idea where one is relatively close to me. I honestly think I live in the middle of nowhere. ;-(

    Planning on baking a pie today. Been a while.

  4. Good morning John,

    Try to go every year before Christmas and then after the really good sales. And of course you just can't beat the food.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Your never to old to learn new things. Go For It.

    Hi JMD,

    I love the store they have such fun things and some times very different. The food is excellent too. Look them up maybe there is one near you somewhere.

    I'll gladly share a piece of that pie with you.

  5. You're fast at making the hats!! I just ordered a pair of socks from a lady who makes socks, hats, scarfs, and looms rugs! there very warm wool socks..
    she uses a 1925 Gearhart sockknitting machine!! Its an amazing looking small machine.
    You may have seen her blog..

  6. Hi Sondra,

    I know someone who hand knits socks I hear they are really nice and warm. I can't knit to many parts. LOL the hats are easy to make and I try to mix up the design not that I know many of them. And the softer yarns are much easier to use so they go pretty fast.
    Yes I have heard of Kareninthewoods. I have visited her site a few times.

  7. Hurry Jo, half an apple pie left, homemade bread and lasagna after this is gone no promises for the future. :-D

  8. I didn't know you were making all that good stuff. Darn I would have made the trip. LOL

  9. Glad you had a good day. It's hard for me not to buy stuff at Cracker Barrel. They have the coolest things there.