Sunday, November 30, 2014


It was chilly this morning and took a long time to warm up. Starting tomorrow it will start to cool down some to around the mid to high 70's.

I dug out the tree and dragged it into the house. I think after Christmas I will look for a smaller lighter tree. This one is a pre lit one and one row no longer works. I found where a bulb was missing and replaces it but nothing happened. I saw on out on another strand and replaced it and nothing would work on that strand so I just put the bad one back. tomorrow I will go buy a set of clear lights and stick them in there. I didn't bring in the decorations as the tote is way to heavy, I'll have to bring them in a few at a time until I can carry it in. I don't want to make more little ones and that will take up more room. Maybe some of the things in there can be gotten rid of.

I checked the tracker for my extension cord and it said it was delivered to my mail box. I guess I'll check on that tomorrow.

Must get the truck washed tomorrow too. Looks like an eagle took a dump on the hood that ran down the fender. Nasty looking mess.

Good Night All.


  1. I hear you about the tree issue. We got rid of ours this year, not enough room. I have two topiary trees that have lights on them and stuffed them on each side of our patio door (inside). Looks nice, last year I bought a table size tree and put it on our coffee table. A candle burning in the house and that is it. Simple.

  2. Funny I have done the exact same thing - dig out the box of decorations - yep! Far too many I don't want to get carried away and over do it - must remind self (have to pack it all away - so go easy) LOL Cheers from...

  3. Hi JMD,

    Sounds pretty. When I was doing ceramics I made one and put holes in it after it was painted and fired I glued some color tiny little plastic things to the holes,you put one of the light bulbs under it and walla lit tree. The come in lots of sizes this is the small one. Your house sounds nice an cozy.

    Hi Leslie,

    Yes it all needs to be put away. Last year it stayed up a long time until one of my grandsons came to help put it on the shelf in the shed.

    Good morning John,

    There are some really tiny trees out there to sit on a very small table. No assemble required.

  4. Simple is the way to go...I put our prelite tree outside since we dont have room and the dogs take up lots of floor space too!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    I have a smaller prelit tree I use on the porch. I was going to use it in the house instead of the big one but it smelled moldy. Maybe I'll put it out there tomorrow.