Monday, December 22, 2014


For now anyway.

Got my act together and headed out to Walmart. Got everything on my list that I figured I still had room in the fridge. Someday I am going to buy one of those apt. sized ones for the shed. The store wasn't all that crowded and I found a parking space pretty fast. Of course lots of screaming kids. :~O  I shopped pretty fast and got out. All I have left to do is pick up the pizza's at Papa Murphy's at 10 am on Christmas Eve and a dozen donuts as a gift. I'll start cooking the sausage around 5:40 pm, when there done I'll put the pizza in. 

Tomorrow Debbie and Amanda are going to drop off the sodas hmmm where to put them. Maybe I can leave them in the shed in an ice chest it's plenty cold now anyway.

Good Night All


  1. You seem to be planning pretty well. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas1

  2. You did good! The wind woke me up several times so I gave up and am up drinking coffee. Probably won't be a lot of fun by 2pm. :-l

  3. Always nice to be done. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    You think so? haha Luckily we do things with an air of crazyness. We are very informal much more fun that way

    Hi JMD,

    No wind here, to bad it kept you awake but at least you have your coffee. Maybe you can grab a few winks later.

    Hi Kevin and Tracy,

    Nice to see you here. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday too!

  5. Today we are cleaning trying to get the house in shape for visitors..its rainy and cold here so a good day to stay inside and work. Good for you to be DONE and keeping it simple.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    I need to dust and vacuumed the other day but didn't have time to finish. Have a wonderful GTG!