Monday, December 29, 2014

Got Nothing

I really have nothing to post these days. Same ole` crap everyday.
Like some of the other bloggers I will only post when I have something to say.

Our weather is really cold  and New Years day it will only reach  a high of around 48. Doesn't look good for quite sometime so who knows when I will get to go camping.

Good Night All


  1. Playing catch up Merry belated Christmas Jo!

  2. Merry belated Christmas to you too. And maybe should throw in Happy New Year while I'm at it. <8~)

  3. Its always hard to gather steam after the holidays...don't let you get you down, keep on keeping on...I'm itching to get back to work on the project house I havent blogged about it lately but I have been working on it now Im under the weather and dont feel well enough to do anything but soon it will pass--and its not that long to Spring!

    1. don't let IT get you down that is---

  4. Oh it isn't getting me down I just don't have anything of interest to post right.
    I will be waiting to see more on the project house but take care first and feel well soon

  5. Wow, Jo, we are forecast 1-3 or 3-5 inches of snow! Yikes, this is wild. Got an early morning Dr. appt. I will be interested to see if it arrived. I saw that Los Angeles is forecast for snow also. Strange?! Made the man a chicken casserole today to try to keep him at bay. 8-D

  6. Always glad to see any news you have to tell us. Gonna be cold here tonight as well!

  7. Hi JMD,

    I watched the news tonight and they didn't mention snow for us but rain and very cold temps. I am taking my daughter for her dr. visit tomorrow and hope the weather holds until I get back home.

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you! This is some crazy weather we are having this winter. We will be looking at 49 for New Years day glad I have nowhere to go.

  8. Just be patient. You know that weather there will heat up soon.

  9. Hi Phyllis,

    Hard to believe right now. Wishing you and Len Happy New Year

  10. Jo, I will send you a snow pic in a minute, we have about 6 inches!