Saturday, December 6, 2014

It Lives!

After I emptied the dishwasher I put the stove top pieces in and a few other pieces and crossed my fingers. It worked perfectly for an old thing. I figured out what that stuff was that looked like cake icing, it was the finish table there was either something wrong with it or the water started out to cold and it didn't dissolve right and it was being ground up in the drain. YES!

The weather was really strange today. It started off cloudy but warm, then it got really cold and damp. It stayed that way all day.

I cleaned up and put things away. Mostly I did nothing.

Check this neat little hanging recipe holder what a neat item this is.

The other items from Kathy are olive oil with basil, Amish made peanut butter, old fashioned crackers and the hanging recipe with 2 recipes one is for the best homemade salad dressing I have ever tasted. the pottery jug is from Barb. 
 Tomorrow we will see what kind of trouble we can all get into at a craft show. I doubt I will get into any since I don't have cash. I knew I was supposed to do something today.

Good Night All


  1. This is beyond good news! Hooray for the dishwasher, probably didn't hear us talking trash about it. :-D

    Post the salad dressing recipe if it is a keeper.

  2. You are probably lucky to not have cash when you go to a show of any kind. No spur-of-the-moment purchases!

  3. Glad it was not an issue...I like that recipe holder!!

  4. Hi JMD,
    Yes very good news, my friend made some and brought it over it was sooo good.

    Good morning John,

    Yes long live the dishwasher!

    Hi Gypsy,

    Your right no cash not buy

    Hi Sondra,

    Me too just didn't want to buy anything like that right now. That holder is really a neat item.

  5. I love pottery items. Have many stored away for "some day" when no longer living in RV. Liking that recipe holder too.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    My house is full of pottery love it.