Friday, December 19, 2014

Ups An Downs

This morning as I was getting ready to take my sis in for her follow up my neighbor called to let me know I had a flat. Sure glad she called cause I would not have known until I tried to drive off since it was the passenger rear tire. So I walked over to my sisters and we took her car after many adjustments to the seat, steering wheel and mirrors. See she is just about 5' tall. 

When I returned home I called Good Sam Roadside and the guy was here in 20 min. He changed out the tire and off I went to get it fixed.

I waited for Lowe's to call all day to let me know when they would be here tomorrow for the install no call. Of course now I am on hold, new word is that they call in the morning Oh well I'll just be ready as early as possible. UPDATE! They called to let me know they would be here between 10 - 12:30 to install. glad I don't go to bed early.

I thought I heard a delivery truck earlier today so went to check and found my privacy tent on the front porch.That's a big Yippee. Now if the weather would just co operate with me to try things out.

Took some pictures of the snow capped mountain today. Sorry about the dirty windshield 

This pictures was take a few days ago at sunrise when we had the big rains

 I should have gotten out of the car but traffic didn't allow for it
Those are pines to left and to the right is Mount Bigelow Observatory it has a 61" Telescope and is at a height of 8,540'

A few years back this top area had been badly burned and the Observatory Station was almost lost

I was getting ready to take the picture below this one when I spotted this in my view finder
It has been very damp and cold and so there was this mist lying heavier below the mountain than the top

Have a safe and wonderful weekend 

Good Night All


  1. Today is your big day! Bet you will be glad to get the new dishwasher. :-D

  2. Hi JMD,

    Yes I will this washing dishes stinks. :)

  3. Love the pictures. And glad the privacy tent arrived. :)

  4. Hi Sharon,

    We were going to put it up today in the house while my daughter and granddaughter were here and we forgot. Maybe after I go shopping very early tomorrow morning I'll come home and mess with it.

  5. Did you wear yourself out with your new dishwasher/ ;-D

  6. Hi JMD,

    They did a run for me but I haven't put it to a full use yet. Not enough dirty dishes, haha

  7. My apologies, Jo. Another drive by to say hi. So far behind, but think of you often. Glad all is well with you and that you are your usual "busy" self. Pats and hugs to Fred.