Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting It Done

We are having deep freeze weather here at night and not much warmer during the day. 

It was so cold I just grabbed the decorations I could from the front yard and threw them in the sink in the shed. It was to cold even in there to try and put things away. I had a little Xmas tree on the side of the carport with lights and ornaments and just put all of it in the tree bag and tossed it in the shed too. There are still 3 snowmen in the front and 2 on the porch, plus a wreath I'll get to tomorrow. The tree in the house is down but laying on the floor and the tote with the ornaments is sitting on the coffee table. I'll drag that down the stairs and into the shed tomorrow. Hopefully it will be warmer and I can put things where they belong and out of the way.

The kitchen is done and back in order and I like that. Want to look for some new place mats to give more color. Maybe Monday.

Good Night All!


  1. We didn't put up many decorations this year so taking them down wasn't much work.

  2. Hi Jim n Sandie,

    I didn't put up much either it's just so darned cold it's hard to work.

  3. I brought very little out so mine is "done been put up"!! We are swearing NO MORE I would love to sell all my old stuff...maybe if I can get it down from the "horrible" attic I will do it over summer Christmas in July!! Stay Warm...we have the gloomy cloudy yuk weather with drizzle!

  4. It seems like a house always looks so drab when you take down the Christmas decorations. A little added color will help with that a lot!

    Sorry to hear it is so cold there. I don't do anything outdoors when it gets cold unless I really psyche myself up to it!

  5. Hi Sondra,
    My daughter Debbie,
    said FB has a site which I already forgot the name, and she has sold lots of stuff really fast or even free things just to get rid of it quick. I think I am going to try it and sell off all the Village stuff. Add the money to my RV fund.
    I'm about to go nuts staying home already got hitch itch but it is still freezing here. the high today was 50.

    Hi Sharon,

    My daughter Tracy came last night said the house looks sad.
    Going shopping tomorrow I'll see if I can find anything if not I'll go to Anna's Linens Monday.

    I'm not so happy about it either I want to go play!