Friday, January 23, 2015


Yesterday was bone chilling cold here. I know some of you think it isn't all that bad but for us it was cold. The high for the day was 47 degrees. 

They were doing more water line work here so I had no water from 8-12:30 sick of this. I don't know why this wasn't done from the get go 2 months ago. Just shows how unorganized these people are.

I did manage to get my hair trimmed up and went out with it pretty wet head afterwards. So I came straight home and turned up the heat.

Stopped at my friends house to see how her pup was doing after some surgery to remove a lump on her leg. She seemed to be a little groggy but fine.

This morning was a little warmer but still cold. I did a few things around the house and then headed out.

I saw an add for a Love Bug trailer on Craig's List. I had never heard of the brand before. It could use some TLC and if he still has it next week I will go back with Lucy and take a better look around and see if some of the things can be fixed, like they spray painted the thing grey and painted the windows shut not to mention they are plexy glass and the front ones are painted black. WTH! He needs to get this plugged in so I can check to see if the fridge works and the lights. I know I will have to rewire the running lights as the wires look like crap, some new tires too. I'll offer him maybe 1500. If he doesn't want to take it he can keep it. The body is like a Scamp or Casita and  is 13'. 

After that I came back home and did nothing.

Good Night All


  1. I haven't been able to get warm for the last two days. Please remember my daughter, she has pneumonia. I am very worried about her, she is horribly ill.

    1. I will keep your daughter in my prayers and thoughts. I have had pneumonia numerous times in my life, and know how horrible it is. All the best to you and your daughter.

  2. OH it sounds like a great fixer upper that you can make into your own! You can go to a Sign place hand have it wrapped or at least have a portion wrapped with whatever graphics you would like...If you took a photo of your favorite spot in nature you could wrap it with that and it would blend into the background ...My last boss's son did that for living, The plexy glass can probably be replaced. 13 ft is perfect size for towing and backing up. Hope you get fast I went into fix it up mode--duh I see potential in everything and everybody!
    Cold Wet and nasty is our weather currently!!

  3. Hi JMD,

    So sorry to hear about your daughters illness. Pneumonia is a bad sickness I have had it. I got the shot a couple years ago, I know it doesn't prevent all kinds but it sure helps. Keeping your daughter in my deepest thoughts for wellness.

    Hi Sondra,

    Those raps sound cool. My biggest problem with fixing it up is you can only do so much in a driveway here and no visible signs of tearing things down. I looked them up yesterday there are a few out there. I printed out one so when I go back to haggle over the price and can show him how much needs to be done. Tried to tell me they go for 10,000. nope all done 3,500. So we shall see how it goes, not getting excited until I have it.

  4. I have lately found a couple of little trailers that I would love to have. The trouble is that I would have to replace my Highlander and get something that could easily tow a trailer across the country (and over several mountain ranges)

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I know it is so hard to decide what to do. I am so undecided about should I or shouldn't get a trailer or buy a van. If I buy a van I have to sell my truck which I really like and have sunk some money into it. Plus I like my truck. Well which ever comes first I guess. kinds like the chicken or the egg

  6. You just have to go with whatever is the most comfortable for you! You'll know it when it comes time!