Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It took some doing to get me going this morning. But I finally left the house around 12:45 to go shopping for groceries. I figured if it's crowded I'll just go home. Wishful thinking I guess. I found a great parking space right away and went in. Shopped pretty fast just as kids started screaming there lungs out. Always a good push to the door for me.

I did good and didn't spend the usually insane amount of money.

The weather had been really nice and when I got home changed into short and opened up windows an the front door. Even turned on the ceiling fan for a while.

My friend that sent me the rally info called and said she wasn't going to make it. I'm a little disappointed but I may still check out the Tucson on and maybe Huachuca Event. It buys me some time on getting the foam mattress pad. I checked out the ones at Walmart and I didn't care for them. I also didn't think they were thick enough.

Good Night All


  1. I am not a camper so I don't know, but I wonder if a cushion for a lounge chair would work with the foam under it? I dunno.

  2. Are you anywhere near a sporting goods store where you might find a suitable mattress? Places that sell hunting and camping supplies might have a better selection for what you want.

  3. Hi JMD,

    That might work have to go check them out would be cheaper for sure.

    Hi Gypsy,

    That may also be something to looking into, Since the frame is probably the same width as a cot.

  4. You can buy custom cut polyfoam... you might need at least 6 inch thick I wouldn't even rule out 8 inch thick..It comes in different density's I would get a firm I know all this cause I was in the upholstery biz for 30 yrs and had to buy foam all the time!! We bought slabs and cut it to size ourselves but you can have it cut and shipped to you..
    You may want to put some cardboard across the springs so your foam doesnt sag down into the gaps...
    Here is one online Foam store who sells custom cut pieces. Bookmark it in case you can't find what you want locally.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    We have a foam place here in town I'll check it out Monday. I have a board that goes over the springs that some one gave ma a long time ago. I have been using that for a long time under the futon mattress when the kids complained about feeling the wires.. Been getting lots of good feedback on different things to use.