Monday, February 2, 2015

Nice Day Out n About

I had made a luncheon date for today with friend Bobbie. I brought along my daughter Tracy so we could spend the day together since we missed out on yesterday. We had a great lunch and after saying by to Bobbie we went to an RV Dealer on that side of town.. I spotted a Cabin A parked in the bay. I asked about it and there was already a couple looking at it. I think it was way to small for more than one person. But I think they bought it because I didn't receive a call. They said it just came in Sat. and it was really dirty still.

We stopped at Yogurt City where all the frozen yogurt is sugar free or is it fat free or both don't remember. You have to be really careful as the price is by weight, and the cups are kind of large but we did good.

We stopped back at my house and I sent Tracy home with some treats for Smiley and the older grand kids so I could get it out of my house.

I checked my mail and found the Itinerary the solo women caravan my friend Dianne sent. Looks like fun and I sure hope I can make it.

Also in the mail was a promotion that will be held at Lazydays RV. I gave them a call and will go check out a small trailer they have right now. I have nothing to lose but time.

Last night I had terrible cramps in my feet almost not stop and kept me awake for a long time.  I have not been drinking enough water as a matter of fact I think I have only been drinking about 20 oz. a day. Not good. So today I had 2 glasses at lunch and I am on my second 24 oz bottle for today. Still way down from what I usually drink but better than I have done in a while. It just kind of becomes unimportant when the cold weather comes around. Hope I learned a lesson last night.

Good Night All


  1. Have patience and the right RV will come along for you. I wish I could be in the market for one, but it won't happen now anyway.

    I just hate getting cramps in my legs or feet at night, I usually drink lots of water during the day, but sometimes I'm out running around and don't get enough.

  2. I am always looking at trailers..... but I never buy, as I can never face getting rid of the one I have. Good luck searching for the tiny home of your dreams.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    I think I will just wait on this if I see something that grabs my attention and it is affordable I'll look. Dealers jack up the prices so high .

    I need to start bringing my water with me when I am out an about too. I did well last night no cramps.

    Hi Karen,

    I'm just going to slow down on the search, going out there today to work on the camper and maybe look into a tent to use as a bad weather day alternative. There is a Winter Rally going on that starts the middle of this month and is AZ - NM I will meet up with them when they reach Tucson Feb.23 - March 2. and see how that goes. looks like a weeks stay at most stops. You can camp anywhere you wish and don't have to stay with the group all the time. I like that.

  4. Hope your feet don't cramp on you tonight that's the worst pain...I had a weird cramp up high in the back of my thigh a few months back never had such a horrible pain it bent me over and I couldnt walk at all!!
    The Solo caravan sounds like such a fun thing to do!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    I drank plenty of water and I was fine. Cramps are a nasty thing to have.