Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just Keep Pushing

Today I went to Harbor Freight to get the drill. They were having a sidewalk sale and the place was like a mad house. Every register was open and the lines were long.  I picked up an extra battery and when I went to make sure it was charged it was the wrong size. Just what I want to go back and return it and hope they have the right size.

After that Rose and I went to Home Goods and I found 2 throw pillows on sale made me happy. Also found some hand and body soap made with Olive Oil my hands have been so dry. After only washing my hands twice there is a remarkable change, sorry I didn't buy 2 they also were on sale and really cheap.

Once home started working on the blanket again. I'll be happy when I realize it is at least half way done. Then I will have to start on the next one. I should have started on them a long time ago but OH NO not me. Sure glad for the spandex gloves they really help with the pain in the wrists and hands.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, I Had wondered of those gloves made a difference. I'm glad to know that they do.

  2. Procrastination lives at my house also. I shall wait till tomorrow to see if he moves on.

  3. MY hands are so dry....I use Vaseline at night it helps but I have to keep doing it...this time of year,once the humidity arrives it won't be a problem! Hope you can get the right battery .

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Even the lady who does the insurance paper work at my Dr.s office wears them. They really are great, they have different kinds but I like the spandex kind the best since they fit so well and are not bulky.

    Hi Karen,

    My friends even bought a sign that says something about procrastination.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes low humidity adds to the problem. But this soap seem to be doing a great job and of course the use of lotion. I hope they have the right battery too. it will be good to have the extra one.

  5. I use all kinds of creams and lotions and they help but not totally.

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    The dry weather is no help at all. But I hope they still have more of that soap when I go back at the end of the week