Friday, March 27, 2015

No Yahoo Today

I had Yahoo for a very short time this morning and nothing since. What's up with that I wonder.

Went to Lowe's today to find the herbs on a list that are supposed to keep away skeeters. They didn't have much. I found lavender, basil, marigolds and rosemary. The list has so much more, lemon grass, garlic, lemon thyme other things too. Hope what I have will help.

Decided it was time to take off the flannel sheets and use the summer ones now.  So striped down every thing did the washing of all the bedding and blankets.

Worked on the peach baby blanket and realized I never did the finish edge on the blue one so finished that off. At the crochet class I will finish off the edges on the pink and blue blankets. Hope to finish off the peach one by then too.

A friend called and asked if I wanted to travel the Coronado Trail starting in mid May. I will look into that but if she is going to do RV Parks I'm out. I don't have that kind of budget.

I need to get some new maps and an Atlas, mine says it was copy right 2008 hmm how often do they update these things. Going to do some research tonight.

Fred's heart worm test was negative so tomorrow I will pick up his preventive meds at the Mission Pet Clinic. The skeeters are really nasty already and we don't need ticks or fleas around to make him sick or to be living with us indoors or in the camper.

Good Night All 


  1. Never can understand why certain things occur in computer land. Yesterday my Verizon jet pack would only go to 3g. Could not get online. We put up our booster even though there is tower right behind us. Still no. Tried later in afternoon and I had 4g and Internet. Go figure.

  2. Glad Fred is Neg on the HW test!! The trail sounds like a great way to spend the rest of the spring!

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    No tellin about Verizon, mine shuts off right when I am in the middle of something, They told me there's nothing wrong with it and must be where I live. Don't think so towers everywhere.

    Hi Sondra,
    Yes that was a relief so he started his preventive meds yesterday. That trail isn't looking so good. It does not recommend anything over 22' and no tow which my friend exceeds all the way around. And the point she wants to start from will already be way to hot. Looking for a new route

  4. Apparently I have an extra bonus going on here, skeeters and flies. Hooray!

  5. I don't know anything about the Coronado Trail, but I think I'll google it.