Saturday, March 14, 2015

OH The Wind

The wind was blowing already this morning when I got up. 

I took my sweet time over my coffee and doing things on my computer. The only plan I had today was to go see my great grand babies and that wasn't going to be until 2 pm.

I got cleaned up and went to check to see if the mattress guy had shown up and of course no.

I went back home and to my surprise the wind wasn't hitting the porch. Gathered up the crocheting and sat out there for quite some time. My daughter called and asked me if I wanted to meet her at Little Mexico Restaurant so off I went. After we had lunch she drove with me so we could just go to Anthony's house and then I would take her home.  There was some guy parked on the same lot  so I stopped and asked him if he had the number for the mattress guy. He sure did. But wont be there until Monday. Better than not getting it at all.

My grandson wasn't home so I took Tracy home and left the crib sheets  with her as the kids just live a few blocks down the road.

I came back and spent some more time on the porch it was great.

Good Night All


  1. Yesterday was a great day, loved the weather. Did your bougainvillea make it through the winter? Two of our ornamental grasses we have in urns died over the winter. I think they hated the snow and cold. :-(

  2. Hi JMD,

    It doesn't look like it made it. I water it but if it doesn't start showing signs of green then it's over. Won't plant anymore since I don't plan on being here this summer.
    Looks like another beautiful day out there.

  3. Glad you had a nice spot to do your crocheting... It was a great day weather wise here...warm and breezy with the sun out...I just had an awesome piece of Lemon Pie--yum!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Maybe the better weather is on its way. Lemon Pie!