Thursday, March 12, 2015

Slow Down

Was an over cast day but nice. Picked up Kathy and went to Harbor Freight to return the drill and spare battery. They ask what was wrong and I showed her where the piece off the drill was missing and told her the  spare battery was to small for the drill. Got my refund and moved on.

We drove down a few blocks to Home Goods and walked around the store. So much to see, so many great things. But I just bought some more of the hand soap and some hand lotion.

We went to Freddie's for lunch and then headed home.

It started to get windy about that time so I just crocheted on an off the rest of the day. 

Tomorrow I will stay home and finish putting things back on the porch and maybe get rid of some stuff.

Here is a picture of the back end of the house, don't have much room to take pictures from back there but until I drive on the road back there and get a better one this is it

Good Night All


  1. Very cute, A smiling sun! Sounds like a good day anyway. What is on the trailer radar?

  2. I think your house looks terrific, and I love the sun medallion.

  3. The paint job is awesome the Sun adds just the right amount of bling! Good choices. Our weather patterns will be on again off again for a while now...Spring and Fall are the IFFY seasons in this one day cold the next..then Winter is cold, Summer is HOT...I would love to live where its shorts and flip flops year round-with no AC needed...wonder where that might be?

  4. Hi Gyppsy,

    Thank You. I found that medallion at a store that was closing and only paid $18. for it other wise they sell for $35. and up.

    Hi Sondra,

    Thank You, I'm really pleased with the results. Yesterday was a nice day and I was able to wear jeans and a T and no A/C last night . But we are having lots of wind still. If you find that perfect place let me know.

  5. Hi Karen,

    It was a good day like getting fat refunds too.
    glad everyone likes my smiley sun.
    Just kinda looking but slowing down on the hunt. there is Burro on Craig's List right now if it's still posted next week I'll go check it out. But at the price their asking it will go quick.

  6. Your house looks so nice, way to go, still wrestling around the disaster here.

  7. Hi JMD,

    thanks I'm very happy with it.