Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Busy Mornng

This morning I could barely get out of bed my back hurt so bad. Enough! I bought a new bed and it should be delivered tomorrow afternoon.

Made an app. to have labs done on Thurs morning.

Did some grocery shopping too.

Then the Eye Surgeons office called and I will have the surgery on Monday.

Things are moving right along for leaving on the June 13- 14. I want to leave on a weekend or it will take 2 hrs to get out of this town with all the working traffic.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like evert Hong is falling into place. I'M glad you are looking to get away. It sold be fun.

  2. I know you're excited about your get-away. I hope you have a great time!

  3. Sure hope the new mattress helps the back. Jim's been being good about wearing his back brace when he's been working on the rig getting it ready for summer. We were rockin' the other night but the wind hasn't been too bad. In face the breeze is rather nice.

  4. Let the new mattress help you to get rid of your back pain. Let your eye surgery go well and get well soon!

  5. Hi Karen,

    Lets hope it all keeps falling into place too. I really need this get away.

    Hi Diva,

    Yes I am looking forward to this get away I'm sure I will enjoy it.

    Hi Sandie,

    I sure hope this new mattress fixes the problem. I usually don't have back problems and this has been awful. The slight breezes are bad but this gusting stuff has been crazy.

    Hi Weekend,

    Thank you I'm hoping it all goes well

  6. Had both eyes done several years ago,,, no problems. Easy peasy.

  7. My Mattress is now 8 so it needs to be replaced And I need some new pillows! Glad you got your apt. for Monday get it over with and get going!

  8. Hi Trouble,

    Had the right eye done a few years ago but the left wasn't bad enough now it is. Yes easy peasy lol

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes was afraid they wouldn't have a apt. before my scheduled trip but they got me in. My bed wasn't even that old it just went bad Sam Levitz for you. I got this one right from the factory.

  9. Wow, I can so identify with the tired mattress. It was a welcome relief when we could get a new one. Sleep well.

  10. Hi JMD,

    It sad that it didn't last very long. It started going bad after less than a year. Hope this one is better