Friday, May 29, 2015

Fred's Vintage Trailer

Feeling much better today. Managed to get my shopping done and wash 2 loads of clothes. Also made the Italian sausage, spinach pie that someone had posted on there fb.

AND the twins have arrived Jazime Rae 4.10 and Alonzo 5.5. Babies and mom doing well. At the request of the parents no pictures will be posted until they give the OK.

Screen door and screen widows

Picture of his cousin and cabinets on the wall

The Pie, didn't do such a good job on the edges but it sure didn't hurt the taste 

Good Night All


  1. What is the pic of the travel trailer?

  2. Hi Trouble,

    Its a dog house and something for him to travel in.

  3. HOW cute! Glad you're feeling better...I bought a Coleman's collapsible crate for Casey to use he seems to like it, I've been letting him sleep in it with the door open, of course, to get him used to it..this way I don't have to worry when Im busy setting up camp or when I take him to the beach he will be in a shady safe place, and I can stash this crate flat and it weights less than a lb! IM assuming you are hitting the road today..ENJOY.

  4. Hi Sondra,

    No I am not leaving until the June 14.
    The crates are a good safe place while setting up camp.

    1. OH I'm leaving on the 15th IM so ready for a change of scenery..

  5. I sure like that dog house...pretty cool!

  6. Hi Jim,

    My friend makes these in all sized and shape, plus bird houses too. She is so talented and can handle tools like a pro