Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lots Of Excitement

Yesterday was a busy day. Exercise class was first up.  Then a run to Walgreen's for pre op eye drops, gift card, cards and gift wrap. All this while straight from exercise class YUCK!

Then home and a shower and a few minutes to catch my breathe.

My SIL, ex SIL, and 2 of my grandsons showed up to take me to the confirmation. It was clear across town and we got there just in time.
Ex SIL Elvis, Great grandson Cello, orange shirt Cello's daddy Alonzo
 Debbie's son Eric, Alonzo and the kid on the end Jimmy another son
Amanda and Debbie

 SIL Tony, Debbie, Eric and Jimmy. 2 other son's missing

Today I thought I would be relaxing out on the porch but nope. Wind was already blowing like crazy. I called to see about getting Fred to the groomers and she said come on down. Well so much for not leaving the house.

Once home I puttered around some and then kept hearing helicopter noise and it went on n on and sounded so close. So being nosy I finally went out to investigate and yes they were close. 

Seems about 1/4 mile down the road there was a shooting and home invasion. No one was hurt but they looked around for 3 hrs for these kids. An abandoned car was found just outside the wall of our Village. They never found anyone at last new cast.

This is the Sheriff's Dept.

US Customs 
Not a good shot but this is the tree 2 houses from me just wanted to show how close they were flying

 Can you imagine sitting like this!

At the time of day  the sun was right over these guys and I was happy to get these picture.

Good Night All


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  2. Well that is a lot of excitement for one day. I certainly can't imagine sitting on the door opening...but then I am a coward!

  3. A very exciting day in your neck of the woods...those guys look very confident in the helicopter with legs swinging out the door, NO way I'd want to do that..I get air sick.

  4. You got beautiful pictures from the Confirmation. A lot of excitement with the helicopters overhead. Hope you have a quiet day today.

  5. Hi Karen.
    Your not alone on the coward thing let me tell you.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes it was exciting just to bad they didn't catch these crazy kids. I don't fly haven't been on a plane in 28 yrs. fine by me.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you, things sure have changed since my confirmation I can tell you it sure was a long ceremony but nice. Hoping for a nice quiet day too with no wind so after exercise class I can enjoy some outdoor time.

  6. At least it was daylight. One time in Oregon I awoke to helicopters overhead and over a loud speaker they told (the bad guy) to come out with his hands up. Yikes, scared me so bad, I was home alone.

  7. Hi JMD,

    If it was at night I wonder if I would have been so willing to run out and take pictures hahaha.