Thursday, June 11, 2015

2 More Days

Humidity was down some today and the temps in the low 90's. 

Dropped off the donation stuff and went on to ACE to get 2 shed keys made, stopped at the bank to transfer some funds just in case. 

Did the dusting and washed the kitchen floor. Feels good to get things done. I think it was the Starbucks ice coffee kicked in and helped get this stuff done.

The twins may get to go home Sat. as long as they pick up more weight so sounds good for the family, it will make things a little easier and gave Amanda a chance to get some rest at night. But running back and forth to the hospital is tough

Check out Alonzo's side burns, and Jazmine has gained some weight and has more hair too. Bottom right Cello putting some love on his brother.

Good Night All


  1. Hi Weekend,

    Thank you and so very tiny.

    Hi Trouble,

    Thank you hope they get to go home tomorrow

  2. I know it will be good to have the babies finally come home..
    we had some good rain last night but its still hot!!

  3. Hi Sondra,

    Yes Amanda runs back an forth to pump breast milk for them and I know that is rough.

    Our humidity is down but the heat is on. Heading out for my eye follow apt. the back the truck in again and finish the load up and maybe down size more stuff.