Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finally Made It

The mail was very late today and I thought for sure I wouldn't receive the cord for the laptop but alas it is here.

I did the 3 day camping at Fool Hollow Lake in Show Low. The weather was warm but not hot. But I had lots of breathing problems because of the increase in altitude.

We came to Lakeside where my friend Lucy has a place and told me where to find the key and make myself at home. Believe me I have. A shower never felt so good. Of course something bit my ear and it wasn't looking very good. I bought some peroxide and soaked it really good and cleaned it up. then added antibiotic cream. I did it a few times a day and it is looking good. The breathing problem is getting better but I will not do the next round of camping that was planed as the altitude is even higher.

We are feeling the heat here and it has been in high 90's. Luckily the place has a/c. We venture out early in the morning to avoid the heat.

Looking out  to the back of camp to water

 Yep Fred in his mini man cave
 My daughter bought me a pop corn popper for Christmas and this is all the popcorn that survived the rest were quite burned

More to come tomorrow

Good Night All


  1. Feel for you with the heat. Lots of fluids, but you know that.

  2. hopefully you can do some camping at lower altitudes soon try to have some fun anyway

  3. Do you think maybe you can acclimate to the altitude by just doing a little at a time. I'm wondering that since you have gotten to the elevation you are in, would you then be able to go a bit higher after a few days? Have a good time, whatever you do.

  4. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes lots of fluids, the heat will be better in a few days.

    Hi Geocaching,

    Welcome to my site. I will do more camping for sure. And I love this area so I am enjoying it very much just nice and slow.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I will acclimate but it will take more than a few days. I have been here for a week and it is getting better. I still don't know about more camping in the higher altitude. I will go up there for a day trip to get some pictures and see one of my friends up at Greer. But I have been going places and seeing lots of old friends from days when I owned a place here.

  5. Jim has breathing problems at the higher elevations also. Keeps his inhaler really close. I think you need to stay at least a week to begin acclimating to a new elevation. So take it easy and don't overdo. Especially in the heat.

  6. Hey JO Good to see yo up here! My Dad came up a few weeks ago and got very sick from altitude. If you get use to 7500 to 7700ft the Rim is about a 55 minute drive lots of spots with bathrooms to and its free. All near Forest Lakes AZ

  7. Hi Sandie,

    The breathing is getting better but still taking it slow and easy. I don't have an inhaler something I meant to ask my Dr,about but never did,

    Hi Ryan,

    I look into those places. Sorry your Dad couldn't handle it I have heard a few people have had to leave this year just couldn't get it under control.

  8. I bet a few days there and you will accumulate, our bodies take longer at our age! Im back home and was not online at all, just didn't have time! HOT Is the word My last summer camping in the East trip! From now on Summer trips are gonna be in swanky hotels..haha.

  9. Hi Sondra,

    It's kind of hard to enjoy a trip when its so hot or you can't breath. I'm getting there. Swanky hotels sound great