Monday, June 29, 2015

Greer, AZ

This morning Lucy an I headed to Greer for lunch with another friend Bobbie. We at a really nice little place with a deck out back or table in out front, they also had seating inside but it was to warm. So we headed out back to the deck. We knew a storm was heading that way so we tried not to hurry to much. And we did enjoy a nice visit with Bobbie. We only hit one store which was right next door to the restaurant. So headed back down to Lakeside being chased by very black clouds.

But we made with only a few spots of lite drizzle. Today was Lucy's birthday so we stopped at the Casino to see if her birthday might bring her luck. At least she left with her original money and I spent $2. Yes I am cheap.

We came on back to the trailer and got Fred walked and then Lucy's friend called to let her know they had cake. So off we went to their place and had some cake and good laughs.

It was thundering when we left their house and got home to walk Fred again and then the rain came. 

The drive up to Greer is just breath taking

You can see the clouds building but they were still a nice  fluffy white

This was our view from the deck where we had lunch the food was great. 

Of course you can still see how bad and how close the fire of 2012 was.

look closely at the bottom of his picture to see the little cabin that was spared by the fire. 

Hope to make a few more trips to Greer over the next few weeks to see more. New stores open but I will return to this restaurant again.

Good Night All


  1. Your photos are very good. It's amazing the devastation a fire can do, but life springs back pretty quickly it seems. I was glad the brush fire I had to drive past was 95% contained by the time I left Los Angeles, but the smell of smoke was in the air and I was so glad to get past it.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    This fire was huge and even burned it's way into NM and burned many homes and cabins. They say it burned so hot in some places that it will take over 100 yrs to start to repair and grow anything again.

    Glad you didn't have to drive thru to much smoke for to long.

  3. Very pretty area! Fire is so deadly and widespread anymore...I just saw there was a bad one up in Washington and people had only 1/2 hr warning to flee their homes!

  4. OK this is my 3rd try to post because I hit the wrong thing the first time.

    It is a very pretty area I was here when the fire hit. My friend lives in her motor home so she just hitched up her car and came down to Lakeside. 1/2 isn't much but when they say go you better go while you have the chance