Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lots Of Packing

It rained most of the night and some showers early morning made for a very humid day.

But I went out and started packing and trying to down size more. Did leave some things out. I can always buy more propane if I need it up there. Tried to not leave any spaces empty. I finally had to call it quits as the humidity just got worse and I was miserable.

Took a shower and tried to find things to do but couldn't keep anything going. So I figured why wait for tomorrow to get a hair cut and I went. Another thing off the list. 

Good Night All.


  1. Humidity was brutal here, take care.

  2. Working in humidity just takes it all out of you...

  3. Hi JMD,

    It's awful even this morning.

    Hi Diva,

    It sure does. Hope by Sat. it is drier so I can finish packing up.

  4. The humidity is down to only 50% or so today. Not bad for this area!

  5. Hi Jim My Friend,

    I haven't looked just feeling it is nasty enough. LOL It's so early for us at this time.

  6. Been quite humid here today and some spotty storms here and there we are hoping for sea breezes next week when I travel!

  7. Hi Sondra,

    It's to early in the summer for us to have this humidity already. Here's wishing you some great sea breezes for your travels.