Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I made pretty good time until I hit Tucson and it's never ending road work that takes years for them to complete.

My friends Barb n Lois waited for me to pull in and we went to lunch. I sure needed that since I didn't even have a cup of coffee. I usually stop after 2 hrs and use the restroom and get coffee. I first feed and walk Fred, make sure he gets enough water.  But it was so hot already at that stop I couldn't leave Fred in the truck not even for me to use the restroom. I took small sips of water on the road and prayed I wouldn't have to go. As soon as I backed into the driveway I let Fred go and then we ran into the house so I could go.
I had a pounding headache. I made a quick cup of coffee and unloaded the food. Not that there was much of that but enough to get me by until tomorrow.

After lunch I started to unload a little at a time. At one point it started to really cloud up and get dark. I ran out to put things in the shed and it started to pour down. I got soaked. It rained so hard that it was hitting the windows on the carport side. Then the power went off. And it is still raining.

I'm sure happy I have the battery powered fans and LED lights. As the power stayed off for about an hour. Put batteries and lighters on my list. My stove has an electronic light so when there isn't any power you need a lighter or matches. Luckily I had 2 matches.

I love the bark on this tree

As I was leaving Show Low I saw this ahead of me at first I thought it was mist but it was smoke it sure was heavy as I got closer I think it was a controlled burn because I saw a warning sign about the smoke

And here is the rain pouring down

Good Night All


  1. Welcome home Jo.

    Looks like you received a good amount of rain. Wish it was us but we are suppose to have some chances later in the week.

  2. glad your home remember to not buy fish!!!

  3. Its always good to get home, even if its to a rainy day!

  4. Hi JMD,
    It is good in a way to be home but I still love my Mountain much more. LOL Hope you get that rain.

    Hi Princess,

    I won't buy fish I brought some home too. Plants look pretty good and the toilets nice and clean. Thank You!

    Hi Sondra.

    I is still raining this morning I really need to finish unpacking the truck, as long as it is only a drizzle I can get it done need my clothes haha

  5. I sure wish Sacramento had some of that rain. Hope it cooled things off for you.

  6. Tucson really did get hit yesterday. We haven't gotten anything up this way yet - maybe later today. Is another run up the mountain in your near future?

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    While the rain held down the heat it sure didnt' do anything for the humidity.

    Hi Sandie,

    Some parts of Tucson had very little rain, while we had huge down pours. I found my little rain gauge this morning in the truck sure would have been great last night to see how much rain we got.

    No more mountain for the year. I have relatives coming to town that we haven't seen in over 40 yrs.

  8. Wish I had a little of that rain here! I'm glad you jmade it home before the downpour.

  9. Hi Jim my Friend,

    I got lucky it rained hard for hours.