Monday, August 3, 2015

Is It Winter Yet?

Or at least close?

Just been puttering around the house for these past few days. Still not feeling all that great .

Had to go out and clean up the yard of all Fred's little gifts. Tomorrow is garbage day so took that out to the curb. Nasty hot out the humidity is down some but it's still nasty hot.

Need to run and do some labs in the morning and then a run to Walmart real quick. I also have to pick up some meds at Walgreen's. Then it's back home to hide from the heat.

Going to go on Amazon and get a few more books for my kindle.

Good Night All


  1. Other than walking the girls we didn't leave the house today because it is just too hot. And it looks like it's going to stay that way for awhile. I'm ready for Fall to arrive.

  2. Hi Sandie,

    I have got to find a trailer so I won't have to come back so early in the season. But at least I got away for a while. Hope the Dr. has good news and you n Jim can leave until Fall.

  3. Makes you want your old trailer back? It's miserable everywhere lately, especially at my house!

  4. Hi Jim,

    In a way yes if I had it I would still be up in the mountains. Yes seems to be miserable almost everywhere. Try to stay cool my friend I'm doing as little as possible LOL

  5. ...every day its a sweat bath here..I got up the temp was 86 and the humidity was 75% made me feel like bawling--then I got my Lowe's Charge bill and I really did Bawl! ):0/

  6. I don't want to jinx our weather but today Sacramento has been downright pleasant! All I do is sit around and dream of how I can get a Runaway camper so I can spend some time in the mountains, although it might be difficult to find campsites that aren't close to one of the fires.

  7. Hotter than blazes here! ugh. Hiding inside.

  8. Hi Sondra,

    While the humidity is down the timps are way up and going higher every day. Looking at 108 for tomorrow. I'm so glad I don't have charge cards to those places I would have to file bankruptcy, but I sure would have all the things in the house I want.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Well at least your having good weather. I know how your feelign about that runaway. I sure would like to go back up the mountain.

    HI JMD,

    Yep staying hiden as much as possible