Saturday, September 12, 2015

Company Gone

The mornings are really starting to be nice, while the day's are still warming up quite a bit.

My cousin's left  early this morning for home. They live in Ca. and the neighbor told them they had a bad storm blow through that knocked down there shed but didn't want to go into more detail. Hope everything wasn't to bad when they got home.

I didn't spend to much time with them as all that sitting around the table was just not doing me any good. They went a few places with my sister but I declined. 

Good Night All


  1. I worry about you, Jo. Have you an appointment with the doctor soon? What plan of treatment do they have for you? Take care of yourself and just let things go that are unimportant compared to your health and future.

  2. Hi Gyspy,

    Well I appreciate your concern. I have seen the Dr. and right now there isn't much that can't be done. I have another xray to do tomorrow, I have finally realized I am not 40 anymore.