Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pictures Not Good

My daughter Tracy stopped by with her grandson today and brought lunch. It was fun seeing Smiley again and he is getting so smart. 

I made a turkey loaf for tonight and will have left overs for future meals.

Debbie called to remind me of the Eclipse so I grabbed the camera and headed out. Not having the best day today so I didn't take out the tripod. My pictures were awful. I didn't get to many good ones out of 37 and they all looked the same. Now I'm sorry I didn't take out the tripod it would have been much easier than trying to hold steady.

Oh well to bad so sad.

Good Night All


  1. My husband says your pics are fantastic!!!!

  2. I think the pictures are terrific. I was out there looking at it, and you captured it perfectly.

  3. Hi JMD,

    Thank your husband for me. But I had the entire red moon in my sites and then I moved ever so slightly and it was gone..

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thanks wish I would have thought to start prep earlier to use the tripod but it's hard to put the piece on and in the dark would have been worse. Hind sight

  4. I think they look great I didnt even know there was an eclipse!!