Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Do I Hear Thunder?

They had predicted more rain today. The temps were wonderful. The sky was blue with a few fluffy clouds.

This caught my eye in the gravel it must be some kind of bug shell.

This mornings sunrise before it cleared up to a beautiful day

Took Fred to the groomer this morning and I waited in the truck and read. It doesn't take much to clean up Fred. It only took about 20 min. and he looked nice and shiny and nails all trimmed up.

My back was bothering me from last night so once we came home I took some Tylenol and let that kick in while I made a veggie omelet . I did a little dusting but I decided against doing any vacuuming.  

Enjoyed sitting out on the porch for quite some time.

Tomorrow Rose, and I , will go do some shopping at Home Goods and the Natural Grocery. 

I guess it wasn't thunder since I no longer hear the rumbling. Maybe it blew on by.

Good Night All


  1. I would love to sit out on my porch except I don't want my neighbor coming over. He talks incessantly and in the past has tried to draw me into a political discussion - I know we have opposite views and I'm not interested in getting into a pissing contest with anyone. There isn't a politician alive who is worth it!

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Sitting on my porch wasn't always enjoyable. I have a real nut job living next door to me. I had slats put up to block his view, then he started looking under it to see, I put something over the railing to block that view too. I finally told him to stay off my property. Unfortunately that didn't work either as then he got spitfull and I had to go so far as to call the Sherriff last year. He finally got the message. It's sad when you have to go to those lengths. But I pay taxes and I own my home and intend to enjoy it. 15 yrs of his crap was enough

  3. Good Morning Jo..I love sitting on my porches we have neighbors within seeing distance and normally its quiet we had some trouble with one new fellow tried to be noisy I did call the sheriff 6 times that yr...and I think ONE person out of the group was the trouble maker and he has since moved away! A chill down is expected for CO where I am now...

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Yes even the HOA had to call the Sheriff on this guy, he was threatened with eviction even though he owns the property it can be done. We have been nailed with so much rain again it started last night and rained until the morning. went down to 52 last night and is about 69 now loving it. Be careful out there