Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe Holiday!

I've been busy baking pumpkin cheese cakes and trying my had at blueberry cheese cakes. Since my daughter is diabetic and can't use sugar or anything with sugar added so it makes it hard to figure out what to use and how. So we shall see how these taste. Tomorrow morning I will make one other dessert and a small ham. Dinner is at my grandsons and they are picking me up around 10:30 so I need these done and cooled enough to tote over there.

We have lots of new neighbors here in the Village and they are eager to get some new things going on. We really needed some new younger folks here. Last night we had a Happy Hour that was fun and plan on repeating them every Tue.  Other things are in the works and I hope it all comes out OK.

We are going to form some sort of a neighbor watching out for neighbors group. A couple of weeks ago a neighbor noticed she hadn't seen our neighbor since they arrived for the winter. She kept knocking on the door and never was able to get and answer. She called the Sheriff for a well check and it wasn't good. She may have been deceased for about 2 weeks. Just hope it was instant. So we will work on this and see who would like for someone to check on them and set up a call or door check often.

Good Night All


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. That is sad about your neighbor. We have a very unofficial watch here in our park and everybody keeps a close eye on everybody else. Makes you feel really good.

  2. Hi Sandie,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yes it is sad, and makes you feel really bad that even I didn't notice. But that was when I was in pretty bad shape and I couldn't see her house from my living room. We will start setting this up next week.

  3. Have a GREAT TG... and its so sad about the neighbor.

  4. How tragic for that poor woman who died alone. I worry about that and recently suggested to my daughter that I should call or email her every day to say I'm still breathing. Living alone can be bad unless someone keeps tabs, especially when you reach a certain age.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh My thats sad news....Hope you had a great day mine was perfect!

  6. Glad you had wonderful plans. We did the low key Thanksgiving and enjoyed our day and the sunshine.

  7. Hi Trouble,

    Hope your day was great.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes we should have contact with someone every day but when a person has no one it kind of changes things.
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving

    Hi Sondra,
    Yes very sad.

    My day was perfect thanks and so happy yours was too.

    Hi JMD,

    We had a great day and for my grandson n his girl they did a great job for hosting for the first time ever.