Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Back!

What a roller coaster ride this has been getting the laptop back up and running.

I am running widows 10, the problem wasn't with windows 10 it was the fact that Google Chrome didn't down load right for some reason and I couldn't remember the right password which I really thought I had changed and it is still showing my old phone number but I will work on fixing that tomorrow. I'm just happy to be all back together and up an running again.

Windows 10 has a great photo set up and I can do lots of things with my pictures. I don't have Picasa anymore and it wasn't worth having anyway.

Winter has arrived and it feels really good. Of course I could do without the wind. We did have more rain but not as bad as they predicted.

On the news tonight they showed some shots of White Mountains and the snow they are getting. Looked so pretty. I have a feeling they are going to have a very cold, snowy winter.

Have some catching up to do so I will take my leave now.

Good Night All


  1. Hooray for you and getting your computer back. Mingus Mountain has a light dusting of snow on it and more expected overnight. :-D

  2. Glad to see that you are up and running again! We missed ya!

  3. Yea!! Progress is generally a good thing!! I am not thrilled about changing operating systems again to 10 and how it all interfaces with the programs I use. My tolerance for things not going according to plan seems to be AOL.

  4. "winter" is so out of whack, but i love it.We'll get yours in a few days.

  5. Hi JMD,
    I hear Catalina an the Rincons here got some snow too. I am loving this cold weather. Tonight we may get down to a little freeze so I need to go out and cover my faucets.

    Hi Jim,
    thank you for missing me, I missed being here and on your site too.

    Hi Karen,

    The 10 seems to be working fine the seemed to have worked out the bugs. But if you have it installed by a competor person they can install it to match what your set ups are now.
    there was just a glitch there and then I was tryining to use the wrong pass word.

    Hi Trouble,

    Yes winter seems to have been a little slow in coming or was it fall. Anyway I'm glad it finaly showed up

  6. I need to take my MacBook into the Apple store and get it cleaned up, but it's such a hassle to get an appointment and go over there. One of these days I want to get a new, lighter in weight laptop.

    It's cold here in Sacramento this week also. We might get more rain on the weekend.

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    Apple stores are always packed. I don't have an Apple but know people who do. technology is to much for me to handle. I think you did a post on it.

    I hope you get more rain soon, my cousin still hasn't had a single drop in their area.

  8. I heard your area had 5 in of snow...WE are still under heavy clouds and its only a fine mist today. I went in for more supplies...Good to have you back.

  9. Hi Sondra,

    The snow was up Northern AZ where I love to be in the summer. I was thinking that I would love to live there all year round but maybe not so much hahaa.
    glad to be back