Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here Goes Nothing

I have not had internet for a week now. Hope to have something by end of week. Not really happy about using my phone. Took days to figure this out.
anyway hope every one had great holidays. Happy new year to all!


  1. OMG, I would have total withdrawals. Ugh. PS We are suppose to get snow Thursday, 1 to 3 inches then melt. We shall see.

  2. Good luck with the internet. I am sick of snow, snow, snow! In the middle of Christmas put away. Is is to early to start dreaming of spring?

  3. Hi JMD,
    You .ust be much higher up than us. But we have had snow in the past.
    yes i am havi g withdrawals. Hate this.

    Hi Karen,

    This is going to be a tough winter.
    never to early to dream about the next trip.

  4. We've done such a good job of getting ourselves addicted to our technological devices, I can't imagine what would happen in a real disaster.

    For me it is worth it to put up with rain (or snow) now to alleviate some of the drought conditions the past few years.

  5. Hi Gypsy,
    i have another week before i have internet again. I miss reading blogs. I cant get to yours because it says you dont have open profile or something.
    heard there was a 4.5 earth quake there this morning in cal. But i bet for some the rain is good for some not so good

  6. Will wait for a post saying you have INTERNET. HOORAY!

  7. Now i cant find the new post tab again. Hope be up and running next thurs.