Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This morning was pretty darn cold but the day turned absolutely fantastic.

Lucy, came to town so we could go to lunch with Louise, from SWT group I belong too. And we sure had a gab session over lunch.

Louise, just can't seem to make up her mind about moving on to her next point of interest. But thinks it will be by next Wed. if not sooner. She was just so happy to finally not be in rain and freezing cold temps. The trailer had some repairs done to it and has dried out quite well. So hope there will be no more leaks or condensation dripping everywhere. Might drive out to see her one more time before she hits the road.

After lunch Lucy and I hit a few stores and enjoyed the weather. We came back to my place and looked up some pictures from past adventures we went on over the years. It was fun to remember them.

We are both hoping for a good summer in the mountains again.

Good Night All


  1. We are hoping for nice AZ weather. We hit the state is less than a week. Can you arrange that?

  2. A summer in the mountains sounds ideal.

  3. Im thinking CO for the summer...

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Your order has been placed. It's looking good.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I sure hope it works out for me.

    Hi Sondra,

    CO sounds good. Maybe I will find a van and head there too. My granddaughter lives there and is having a baby anyday now would love to see the little guy.