Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Being Chicken Or Being Cautious?

Had a great time at lunch with my friends Bobbie and Lucy at the Chinese Buffet. I had salmon, salad, zucchini, mushrooms and I can't remember what else but it was all good. We talked about summer plans and we didn't get any closer than we had been before. The Jell-o is still very watery or as Bobbie said, writen in sand. I do have the option of staying at her place in Greer but it sure will take a lot of work to make it livable.

I saw a van on Craig's List and I like it but it has a few problems so I am going to check with a friend of mine and see what he thinks. If I buy this van I would have to sell my truck to replace the money and there wouldn't be much left for any repairs that may be costly. The lady said the speedometer doesn't work but then said so it shows 95XXX miles, I'm not sure she didn't mean Odometer and will have to ask her tomorrow before I drive there. I need a speedometer but I also wonder how many miles it really has.  While it looks good you just never know about the mechanics of the thing. Cosmetic stuff is not a problem for me as I can fix it up my way. But it didn't look bad at all in the pictures. I will see what my friend thinks tomorrow.

Other than that not much else going. It has been very windy so going camping isn't much of an option and it has also cooled down again.

Good Night All 


  1. Boy, that is a decision I am glad I don't have to make. I have a very large security gland and don't like to run finances to the edge. You know, then just what you don't want to happen does? Ugh. Been there and done that.

  2. Right now I need front shocks, front brake rotors, and I gotta find out what is that Thud when I turn my wheel to the left! Vehicles are such a budget buster, I want to find a small "fishing" pick up to use around my place I'M constantly having to haul limbs and brush to the dump. I ended up giving my blazer to my son.

  3. Hi JMD,

    Yes it is scary at this time in my life to not have that cushion in the bank. And I really would hate to sell my truck that I know is in good shape and a lot newer than that van. Lots of thoughts running through my head

    Hi Sondra,

    I keep thinking about all the things that might be wrong. I love my little truck. So I just have to think do I really NEED this van or is it the appeal of the road. What to do What to do

  4. I have always wanted a teardrop camper, and now that I've seen the website and ads for the Runaway, it think it would be ideal. I subscribe to an online mag called Cool Tears and Tiny Campers, and the last one features a Big Woody and a Runaway. I know I won't get something like that at this stage of my life, but it's what I always wanted until I was convinced to get the darn 5th wheel, which worked out for me for about 3 yrs.

  5. There was a blog about the Runaway but something happened and I could no longer get on it. The guy did a nice job on the interior and they have lots of room. But you still can't stand in them. But in bad weather it would be nice and a chair would fit just fine for a comforable place to sit and read or whatever.