Friday, February 5, 2016

I Was Wrong

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It is 31 degrees right now but will warm up to 66 degrees so another beautiful day is on its way.

First I must say that I was wrong about the bird. Judy the bird lady said it was either a Coopers Hawk, or a Sharp- shinned. So back to my bird book and sure enough it is a Coopers, I always thought they were a larger bird. Thank You Judy.

I waited all day Wed. for someone to come and take the village pieces out to the shed. I had it all packed and ready. They sent a text 9 pm to say they were sorry and would be here first thing in the morning. When morning came and went and I heard nothing I knew they wouldn't be coming.  So I did it myself. Those pieces are really heavey when packed in tubs. I even had to move things in the shed so as to have room for the 4x6 board it sits on. So slowly I managed to get it done. The board was more than I could handle, I had the handyman coming so I first asked if he wanted the wood and he said sure. Yeay its gone and I didn't have to move it. Yes I was in a great deal of pain. But sometimes we have to do what we have to do.

Today I will dry and down load pictures to Craig's List to sell it all.
I will also have to put things back together in the shed. 

Good Day All


  1. I just hate it when someone says they will be here and then don't show up. Once is bad enough, but twice??? Don't overdo it or you will have more pain than you want to deal with.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Can't deal with that kind of crap anymore, been waiting for a month to get this done. Now it's done and I cleaned up the shed. I am happy now and realized I don't need to rely on anyone.
    Sure hope they never ask me for anything again. I just tell them I'll be right there.LOL

  3. I am in the wait and keep waiting town. No more doo dahs, we are almost down to underwear and a bit more, no more decorations, zip. Whoever, whomever wants to do that great, been there and done it all. Ps Still cold here.

  4. Hi JMD,

    It was colder today than it was yesterday, but worked out OK since I needed to do some organizing in the shed. Now I am really finished with the holiday clean up. The only thing I will do next year is a tree, I do like having a tree

  5. Jo, I do believe I am thawing out, we are a balmy 64 right now!!! I have hope until we burn up. :-)

  6. Hi JMD,

    The mornings are so cold and we had lots of wind most of it too. But afternoon soon brought nice warm temps and very little breeze so out to the porch I went. I sat out until 5:30 and left the door open until around 6:30. Going to enjoy this while it lasts.