Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Cleaning

I have been getting my house cleaned up. I hadn't been able to get a good cleaning done in some time and it really wasn't very nice in here. So yesterday I got going.

I started in my room. I started by hanging all the pictures I had taken down in the hall way. Then started to vacuum as far behind things as I could. Got everything dusted really good. It just has to been done slowly and it drives me crazy but don't want to get the back going.

I did a real culling of my closet today and I have 2 huge bags of donation stuff. I sure have lots of room in my closet now. Just can never figure out why I saved some of these clothes. If I ever get down to the weight I was those things will not be worth much anyway. 

Tomorrow I need to go shopping at Walmart and then Lowe's. 

I need to check out screen doors as mine was probably the cheapest one the past owners could find and it has seen better days. Also want to get the new blinds to put up everywhere, I will have to get the handy man to do that since I can no longer move furniture or stretch that much.

The weather has been warm and unfortunately have had to use the A/C already as the fans are giving me grief with the allergies. Yes they will be horrible this year I can tell since we had so much rain over the winter.

One of my grandson's came over today with the kids.  What fun they are and the baby was a year old last week. They will have a party in the park for her this Sat.

Good Night All


  1. I have to do the same we did a good cleaning right before Christmas where we moved things etc..and since that we have been just getting the obvious stuff...Pollen will soon start to fly here!! I have to clean my van yet it needs a good vacuum and a wash and wax!

  2. gosh, i just need to change a light bulb,,, hahaha,,, i cant do it, so my closet is waiting,,,

  3. I hadn't been able to do more than basic stuff for so long, things get out of hand. Pollen here is already at a high and my allergies are terrible. Just seems like you can't win at times

  4. My screens and doors are also bad and need to be replaced. But I'm getting my bathroom fixed up before anything else. I've been breaking my back pulling weeds, but we're going to have at least a week or so of rain starting this afternoon, so I'll be back to the beginning!

  5. You have been busy! I need to get in the closet again and toss things. Some things are just not looking right on me anymore. Or maybe they never did. :-I

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    I usualy replace my own screens it's pretty easy. But the Door is another thing.

    Yesterday I saw the weed Nazi's coming around but I seem to have gotten mine under control just in time.

    HI JMD,

    Yes and I am so happy to unload all the this junk. I like the way you put that about your clothes just not looking right anymore.