Sunday, March 13, 2016

Truck X Ray

Day started out nice and early today. We had breakfast in town and then headed to Tubac, AZ. for some looking around and a little sunshine. We spent about 2 hrs there and headed for home. We stopped in a little store outside of Tubac to get some nice cold ice tea since the water had gotten warm.

We then got on I-19 and soon arrived at the Border Patrol check point. I have been through this check point about 100 times over the years, and I'm sure a few times in my truck since I've owned it. Today they asked if they could do an x-ray on it. I have nothing to hide so why not I said OK. Don't know what would have happened if I said no. Probably would have torn it apart or who knows. They were very polite and kept up some chat and asked if we were coming from Nogales, which is the border towns. I replied no from Tubac just to out and walk around then talked about the prices of things there. I noticed one of the guys was trying to open the back door and I told them the key was in the truck. I thought the fool was going to tare off the handle, that annoyed me a lot. As we sat there 2 vans came through from Mexico and all they did was check their Id's now I was getting annoyed why are these vans NOT checked. I asked that question but no answer was given nothing at all. The seats where torn and all sorts of drugs could have been stuffed into those tares. Anyway they finally finished and brought the truck back to where we waited. 

But we had a nice day and laughed all the way home about what kind of story we could tell everyone about this. All silly of course.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. WOW...I know it was annoying to wait--I always get my bags searched when I try to fly--so I know how it you get the feeling sometimes they pull someone like you and me cause they know it will be routine and easy for them to do just for show kinda thing?

  2. Hi Sondra,

    You may have something there. I figured it was bordom but with all those vans bringing Mexica's back from Mexico should have been checked why bother and old lady. when asked if we were citizens shouldn't that have been enough?

  3. Or they wanted the practice of searching without the aggravation of finding anything.

    But then again how many times do you read about them picking up one of us oldster for transporting drugs?

  4. Whoa, mega annoying. They could xray us and the vehicle to pieces. Nothing, absolutely nothing. One reason I won't fly anymore, if I am going to be groped I would prefer it be by someone I like. :-)

  5. I went to a company picnic with my sister that works on an Army Base and they X-rayed my motorhome. I would sure liked to have a copy of that picture with all the junk I carry around. lol

  6. Hi Judy,

    Some one else had said the same thing today. But yes some oldsters have been caught.

    Hi JMD,

    I haven't been on a plane in 29 yrs and now with all this nonsense I really won't fly. If I can't drive I aint goin haha. But they sure were cute little guys. But there was no groping going on.

    Hi Martha,

    It would be fun to see those x-rays wouldn't it. Should have asked if they saw any trouble waiting to happen that needs fixing