Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Some Rain, Some Sunshine

We have been having some real down pours lately. Yesterday it cleared up long enough for me to get my shopping done.
I went to City Produce and picked up 10 bell peppers for $1. I bought 20, and other veggies as well. But why I only bought 4 onions is beyond me. Now I will have to run to the store tomorrow for more onions.

I cooked all the peppers today and made a turkey loaf. I had a new recipe for Spring Pea Puree to bake with Salmon. I wasn't sure about how that was going to taste and I was happily surprised how good it was. But I am very tired tonight I can tell you.

I wasn't going to buy flowers for the porch but when your sitting out there and there isn't anything pretty to look at ... well I had to buy some. I did buy some last week when I went to Lowe's but I had so many pots out there with just dirt. So Sunday while walking around Walmart I spotted some that I didn't see at Lowe's and the prices weren't to shabby. also bought a area rug for the porch. Gives it a more cozy feel.

I found these at Lowe's but can't remember what they're called

I had to have this Azalea I found at Walmart I had the pink and white up in Pinetop a few years ago and couldn't bring it home as I ran out of room in the truck. I'm hoping if I keep it on the porch in dappled light it will survive.

I have a couple small pots that I might put some flowers in not sure yet.

Good Night All


  1. the yellow/white ones are known as lemon spice calibrachoas, it is a hybrid of petunias. Pretty little things, I like the yellow ones. They do like lots of sun and are heat loving. the 2nd one are pansies, usually an annual and when it gets hot they will start getting scraggly looking, no matter how much you water them. Pansies are one of my favs from childhood.

  2. I would love to have some flowers on the porch, but when Sacramento hits the 90's and 100's they would dry up and die anyway.

  3. Your flowers looks beautiful! You had a wonderful time in shopping and buying things. I too love shopping...

  4. Flowers always brighten up a space...you got some pretty ones!! Hope they flower all year for you. Shopping can make me feel like I can't put one foot in front of the other, I guess because I know I don't want to do but have to!

  5. Was just trying to remember the name of that veggie place last night while talking to my parents. Wish we had one like that up here.

  6. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for the reminder of what the yellow ones are I thought they had the petunia look and I have always loved pansies. I hope they last if not I'll have enjoyed them for a while.

    Hi Gypsy,

    It gets a lot hotter here and I have had some last but you really have to keep after them. But when it hits the triple digits and it does that often here it will be hard to keep them going. Impatience are pretty heat tolerant but they hate the very cold and die. I have bought some really pretty fake flowers and no one even knew.

    Hi Weekend,
    Thanks you flowers are good for the soul. I only like fun shopping. grocery and clothes shopping for me are not fun.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes they do I love sitting on my porch when the temps are pleasant and much take advantage of that short window.
    I know what you mean about shopping but if its for fun things I don't mind a bit.

  7. I love when spring finally comes and flowers begin blooming. It signals warmer weather for sure and lots of fun coming..... Yea! I haven't ever seen the yellow ones with the white stripe. Very pretty!

  8. Hi Karen,

    Looks like I will not be doing any traveling this summer so I figured I need to enjoy what I can right here. But one never knows what mayb come along. So I won't say never again to traveling