Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Last

Today the wind came back and was strong. So sick of this wind. I had to run and buy a few groceries and refills of meds, as tomorrow they are sealing the road in front of my house so I won't be able to move my truck. But I will walk down the street to meet my friend Kathy so we can go to lunch since she will be leaving for the summer.

I will finish up posting pictures of the Desert Museum

Totem Cacti

I think this may be a carp but was hard to tell. this used to be the Beaver pool but he seems to be gone
 Otter, very hard to photograph since he never stays still

Flowers on Saguaro when the flowers are done they turn into fruits which the Native Americans used for fruit jams and many other uses

King of his domain

to the right you can see a ram and behind her is a 1 day old baby, behind the center ram you can barely see the head of a 1 week old baby
 By walking around I was able to get this shot of the little guy or gal

These blurry flowers of the Prickly Pare Cactus will also turn red and can be used for food the pads are also scraped and eaten


 Black - bellied Whistling Duck

Gambles quail

 Broad-billed Humming bird

Barn Owl

Good Night All


  1. A very interesting place, loving all the cacti and the desert plants! I'm so wishing to see a barn owl are they not the most beautiful owl of all? Enjoyed this series very much glad you shared! We have a hot day brewing its clear and calm and cool now but by 1 pm it will be time to put the AC on.

  2. Looks like you had and enjoyable tour. Great Pics!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    Yes the Barn Owl is really pretty and I love his pose. Glad you enjoyed the visit I might go back one more time before it gets to hot the pass is good until June. Would love to see the other baby. Seems the wind is down today I hope it stays gone.

    Hi Rick N Kathy,

    It was and I can't believe I did the entire thing too and yet still more pictures to be taken. Glad you enjoyed the pictures

  4. Great photos, especially the birds, and of course the baby goat. (It is a goat, isn't it?)

  5. I just love that place, Jo! We were on our way to Old Tombstone when the concierge at our hotel suggested the Desert Museum as an alternative. We thought we'd give it a few hours, but it of course turned into an all-day love affair. Such variety! May give a return visit this fall since it's been a few years. Thanks for the reminder ~

  6. We have those nasty tarantula wasps here and try to avoid them at all cost.

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    Birds are never easy to fast for me, and yes a mountain goat.

    Hi Baby Sis,

    If it has been years since you have been here you must see it again. So many new closure with wide open spaces. They are building a Sting Ray encloser now. That will be interesting.
    Tombstone is a great place too depending on how long you plan on staying out here.

    Hi JMD,

    The wasp didn't seem interested in anything but what they were able to get out of that plant

  8. Very nice pictures, my friend! I love the cacti!

  9. Hi Jim,

    Thank You my friend