Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Craig's List Liars

I'm starting to think I need a bigger fridge or just another small one. Since I started eating more healthy foods I am running out of room in the fridge. The problem with those just a little small one is where to put it, I don't have room in the kitchen anywhere. If I put it in the shed that will be a royal pain to have to run out there every time I need something and then there is the heat in there. I could wrap it in insulation I guess. I have know people who have done that when they have extra ones and also freezers stored in the garage. Buying a bigger fridge is costly and then I have to worry about selling this one and what could I get for it? Its about 9 yrs old already, I had to buy it when the big one that came with the house died right after I bought 2 weeks worth of groceries. I only had enough money to buy this one which is maybe 14 or 16 cf. Guess I will go to Lowe's tomorrow and have a look around. I hate spending this kind of money. But at 9yrs of age maybe I should consider a new one anyway.

Today I went to look at a pop up that was on Craig's List. This guy was trying to pull a fast one on anyone he could. The picture he posted was about 15 yrs newer then the pile of junk he was trying to sell. I wouldn't give him a dime for that thing and I don't think it would make it out of his driveway. I flagged his post as he had someone from PHX, calling about it I would hate to see someone drive 2 hrs to see this pile of junk yard trash. Oh well I will continue to plan on a summer locked in my house. 

Good Night All


  1. Damn. I hate scammers! I wish you were closer so I could help you in your hunt!

  2. Good luck with the appliance hunt.

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  4. Hi Karen,
    I will just look if something close comes up I'll look but not going out of my way.

    Hi Jim my Friend,


  5. Hi Karen,

    I guess he thought since I was a woman he could pull a fast one. Ha And was a creep he was too. If I see something close by I will go look but not going to drive myself nuts over it.

    Hi Jim my friend,


  6. Hate it when men assume women don't know anything about mechanics, etc. I know more than most men do,,,was around it for years and years.

  7. A lot of times Sears has promotions of using their credit card. Such as we you spend more that $499 and it's paid off within 6 months, no interest.

    Good for you reporting that guy!

  8. Can't you still use your truck and camper for summer getaways? I don't know if I can get any camping in this summer, but I hope so. I'm not getting any younger!

  9. We ran into a lot of idiots when we were helping Paula look for her RV on Craigslist. One guy made an appointment for us to look at a rig - the rig was there but not the guy. He wouldn't return Paula's calls so Jim called him and he told us it was sold. What???? Another one said he was too busy to show us the rig and maybe he'd find time in a couple of days. Why do these people list.

  10. Sorry that happened to you...some people have no scruples and no conscious. Lowes has a similar deal if you pay with their credit card you can choose a 5% discount or Special Financing, And sometimes they have some scratch n dent ones! It's hard to summer camp if you don't have A/C unit Im in the same boat so have to go farrrr away to get where its cool.

  11. Hi Trouble,

    It makes me so angree when will these goons realize women are not what they used to be and we can spot a bad deal in a second.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I have been turned off by Sears as they have changed there policies and the Kenmore is not what it used to be.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I can still use my truck but for long stays it hasn't worked out to well. But if I have to I will use it and see how long I can last.

    Hi Sandie,

    Seems to be more and more sleezy people using Craig's List these days. I just hope the lady didn't come all the way from Phx to look at this pile of junk.

    Hi Sondra,
    At least it was only a couple of miles from my house and I quit getting excited about anything since I have had so many bad experiences already. Yes to get away from the heat and not need a/c I would have to travel 4 1/2 hrs. I don't mind the ride if I can spend at least 2 weeks.
    The wind was so bad here again today I didn't go anywhere but to let Fred out into the yard. And still my eyes and nose are a mess again.