Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Believe Fall Is Coming

We have been having some really nice weather finally. Nights have been in the high 50' - low 60's and the days in the mid 80's to mid 90's.

Friday I managed to stay out doors until noon then it was getting a little to warm under the aluminum awning. The a/c isn't running much and that is great. Looking forward to nice low electric bills once again.

I hope to get out more with this better weather also. Maybe even get in a camping trip before the really cold nights set in.

Today after Tracy and I had breakfast we stopped at a local lake to take some pictures. After which we stopped at a clothing store so Tracy could pick up some new things. Also stopped at Dollar Tree for some things.

I even walked to my friends house later on in the afternoon to return a book.

This guy just kept sitting there and my daughter was sure he was stuck so she gently move her finger under him. Yes he flew a few feet and went right back into the mud. 

Finally he quit fluttering so I could get this picture

 A pair of Killdeer, I love these birds and there little chirping sounds

The water had this blue color on the bottom and I'm wondering if it is some kind of water treatment

This really gets me, look how close this pizza box is to the trash can. There was lots of garbage in the water also. Why are people so nasty. If you come here to enjoy the park then why can't they keep it clean so it can be enjoyed.
 Tracy found this little dog somewhere and just had to have it since it was a doxie. She really wanted a black one but they didn't come in any color but the brown. The sun glasses and readers are from Dollar Tree as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness collection
Good Night All


  1. Beautiful butterfly. Yep it is sure time for you to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. I sure don't get it, how lazy and inconsiderate can someone get!! GRRRRR

  2. Saw the little doxie Christmas light the other day among items at a local store and thought he was cute too. Butterflies need shallow areas to drink. I put sand/gravel in a shallow pan filled with a some water for my butterflies. Been nice here too, love the cool nights and warm days. My tree is starting to drop its leaves too. Enjoy.

  3. I'm really glad to hear it is cooling down. We are finally going to turn south today but still moving slowly. I want it in the 80s when we get there. I love that doxie. Of course.

  4. I'm really glad to hear it is cooling down. We are finally going to turn south today but still moving slowly. I want it in the 80s when we get there. I love that doxie. Of course.

  5. Hi Karen,

    I love the butterfly too. I don't get it either why are people so dirty. When I first moved here (40 yrs) it was so clean and pretty now all you see is trash everywhere. Makes me want to cry.

    Hi Emily,
    I tried to tell my daughter that's what the butterfly was doing. I need to get her more involved in nature. I'm going to try your method with the pan and water. A while back I made that dish and sponge thing but the water evaporates so fast it didn't work. It's raining here this morning which was to be my second day of taking walks. Sure would love to see you post again.

    Hi Sandie,

    Yes I thought it would never cool down. Today we are havinga bit of rain. Love that your taking your time coming back. Traveling slow and enjoying what your seeing. Stay safe

  6. It's got to get cooler than that, below the 80's, before I'm really happy and comfortable! You got some very good pictures on this outing.

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    After a long summer of well over 110 degrees most days I am loving these temps. today we were in the 70's and had rain on and off it was heaven.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  8. We see it everywhere. Trash near a trash can! Go figure.

    Fall is coming to the Finger Lakes area of NY too. Cooler weather but no changing leaves YET.

  9. Hi Phillis,
    No changing leaves! wow seeing plenty on blogs but as you know down here that will not be happening. I sure do miss the Mountains for this very reason.

  10. Love the photos in this post..excellent butterfly shot!! I am with you on the trashy people....I just don't get it at all!

  11. Hi Sondra,
    Glad you enjoyed the photo's.

  12. What beautiful pictures! As a kid, I used to collect butterflies and save them. (Now I wouldn't want to harm them!) I loved the photo of the black swallowtail butterfly - gorgeous! The other animals are beautiful as well. Neat shots!

    I'm not a fan of people that trash stuff though. It's bothersome to go fishing and end up carrying a bag to pick up behind other fishermen but I do it out of respect to the farmers that let us use their property. It's for everyone's enjoyment :)

    Take care!