Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maybe a Trip Coming

I was reading Travels With The Bayfield Bunch and Al n Kelly had been to Ajo, AZ. I have lived here for more than 40 yrs and I have never done more than drive past it. A friend of mine Sunny from Changing Lanes is in Ajo now and I really want to head out there. I need a trip. Just not sure how I will do this trip. If I put the bed back in the truck I can stay at a campground with full hook ups so I can have electric heater or stay at a place to rent which would give me a place to move around and even have a bathroom. It would cost more but heck I haven't been anywhere in over a year. I was going to do it as a one day trip but when I found out it's a 2 hr drive I wasn't crazy about that and really wouldn't give me much time to look around or take pictures as I would have to head back home early. So tomorrow I will make some calls and decide on what course I will go with.

The weather was pretty chilly today and cloudy. I had to turn on the electric heater in the living room, kitchen area for a while to take out the chill.

Good Night All 


  1. I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Ajo. I have a trip coming up in February to South Georgia and my annual trip with Susan (and hopefully my sister) to James Island near Charleston. Getting away renews the spirit, Jo.

  2. have you condsidered

  3. I think you should go and stay for several days if you think you could be happy for that length of time. Also, I think I would go for the amenities, such as a bathroom. You haven't been away for a long time, so you have a good trip coming, and you might as well be comfortable since you are trying to get away from the discomfort of cold and rain! Go for it, Jo!

  4. To All,

    The trip isn't happening as just as I was going to close on the deal I received and e-mail that friend just happened to show up and would be staying there. All the other places were out of reach price wise. It is way to cold for going in the camper.

    Phil, I don't think I would like sleeping on someones couch it just doesn't leave much private time.

    1. Several years ago I met two German tourists who were crossing the US. One of them accepted an offer to ride on a small sailboat, so the other came over and talked to us. We asked him where they were staying, and they said Couch Sharing or something. He said they couldn't afford the trip otherwise. They didn't actually sleep on someone's couch, most of the time it was a spare bedroom, and they usually stayed 2 or 3 days. They checked them out on line via email before making a commitment, so it wasn't too much of a gamble. They said it was dirt cheap, and they met a lot of nice people and learned first hand how Americans live and work.

    2. Thanks Phil for all your in put. I will check out some of these places. The guy from this rental has reached out with several offers of things also but once my friend and I found out this wasn't going to to work she moved on. Hopefully I will finally get to meet up with her on her return this way. She is on a years travel to see if she wants to full time.